York Garrison is a club run by players, for players. A gathering place for tabletop gamers to enjoy and discover games in a casual and friendly environment. Everyone is welcome, and you’re free to choose the level of your involvement. Want to just turn up and game? That’s fine. Perhaps you’re looking to run an event or campaign? Also cool, even encouraged.

This site is our internet home, but it’s certainly not the only place you can reach us or engage with other gamers. You’ll find us on Facebook and Twitter, as well as in a number of Whatsapp Groups for specific games.

Looking to join us for a game? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on how to find us and when we’re open, as well as our Discussion Forums to find an opponent.

Our community is supported a number of companies, many of them with personal ties to the club. These companies give generously by sponsoring our events and donating to our annual Charity Day, so it’s great to give back where possible. If you’re considering a purchase of anything wargame related take a look at our Sponsors page and support the companies that support us.



The club is run by a committee. There are no ranks in our committee structure, so feel free to approach any of us if you have questions. Our current committee members are the following:

Bennett Morley

Dave Williamson

Graham Dixon

Martin Jones

Lee Mayhew

Tom Candlin

Peter Sidaway

Dan Wartnaby


The club is run according to it’s constitution. The latest copy of this can be found here.

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