In the face of a global pandemic the reopening of a Wargaming club doesn’t feel important, but perspective is everything. Clubs and groups like ours offer an escape in difficult times, and an opportunity to spend time with others who share your interests. It’s never been more important than it is right now to reconnect and reengage with each other. It’s been a challenging time for most, and an unimaginable time for some.

We hope everyone has come through the last few months in a good place, and if not, we’re here when you’re ready.

With that said, and in order to reopen we’ve created a Risk Assessment and implemented a set of rules that we need all of our members to follow. Our gaming space is a community space, and as such following our rules doesn’t just keep us safe, but keeps the Folk Hall open for all.

Booking a table

While restrictions are in place we’re no longer taking individual payments for your game, and we will not handle money at the club. On arranging a game please book a table and handle the individual payments of £5 privately. You’ll be able to book using the Club’s online shop. Table bookings will open on a Thursday for the following Wednesday.

So, please arrange a game and book your tables… and ensure you read the rules below.

If you find that you’re consistently struggling to book a table please reach out.

York Garrison Covid-19 Rules

These rules are based on the Risk Assessments carried out by the York Garrison committee and by the Folk Hall. They are designed to keep everyone as safe as possible, but be aware that it is impossible to completely remove the risk of infection.

  1. If you show any symptoms please do not attend on of our meets; follow all UK Government “advice”.
  2. Games must be booked and contact details of both players provided before the meeting…
    1. Bookings are taken on a per-table basis. It is £10 for a table. Players should privately manage the splitting of this fee. This is a temporary measure during these times, and ensures that tables are allocated correctly.
    2. One player should book the table for both players. Please ensure your contact details are up to date, this is required in the event of Track and Trace. Please also provide the name and some contact information for your opponent in the “Additional Details” field when checking out.
  3. Face masks must be worn at all times in the building.
  4. Hand sanitiser must be used every time you enter or leave the hall.
  5. Where possible maintain a 2m distance between players.
  6. No hand-shaking/ fist bumping/ high fives/ hugging or any other contact between players.
  7. No sharing of game components except terrain/ mats. This includes dice/ measures etc.
  8. Step away from the table when it is not your turn or you are not interacting directly with the game (in order to maintain a 2m distance between players).
  9. One player to set-up and pack away the table and terrain.
  10. No food deliveries to the building.
  11. No food to be eaten in the hall.
  12. Avoid touching your face.
  13. Avoid playing Tau.

We are sure that all players will respect these rules and more importantly each other. In the event of repeated and/or deliberate rule breaking you may be asked to leave. Please don’t be that player.


Risk Assessment

A copy of our Risk Assessment here. This is a live publish from the master Google Document, and any changes will be reflected automatically.


Get In Touch

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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