10 reasons to play Kings of War

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      So this post is mainly for the newbies to Kings of War and those who have not played it yet. I’m writing this because now i’m a games coordinator I feel it’s my duty, and because I have found my muse for typing long and presumably often ignored posts!

      So why do I love it?

      1) Its really easy to play

      The book is written by the gaming giant Alessio Cavatore so Its easy to play. I read the book once before my first game, once after the game and since then have barely had to refer to it. Rules are logical, intuitive and simple. Games are not spent with your head in the rule book constantly looking up things you cant remember and as a result you are less likely to be penalised because you don’t know what something does. This quote sums it up “in many wargames you play the rulebook in Kings of War you play the game”.

      2) Its really hard to play!

      So why have I said the game is also hard to play? Its strategically deep and complex. Kings of War is a game of outwitting your opponent with cunning movement, bluffing them into ill advised charges and twisting them in knots by pestering their armies flanks (getting charged in the flank or rear is really bad news). This often takes new players a while to get accustomed to but when you have the know how games will never be the same! I have never come across a wargame that that can truly say “Simple to learn, difficult to master” like KoW can.

      3) You are free to take crazy lists with very few restrictions

      4) You are free to take ‘fluffy’ lists

      5) Fluffy lists are just as competitive as crazy lists when it comes to balance in the game!… I know, amazing!
      Lists have been play tested to death on mantic forums by its fans, its a game written by wargamers for wargamers. This means balance is perhaps the greatest strength the game has going for it. In the UK grand tournament 2015 the top 3 players took balanced (combined arms) lists, something you rarely see in other games. However the fellow who came in a close fourth took an all cavalry and flying army. This means you can buy what you want, paint what you want, theme your army how you want, and not have to worry that you are crippling your chances of winning games.

      6) Mass battle conflict is what you want? Kings represents this perfectly
      Brave men lined up ready to defend their homeland against a tirade of undead. Stories of whole nations desperate to survive, led by legendary heroes or cruel overlords. Monsters ripping apart ranks of men only to be felled by the might of a well timed cavalry charge. KoW allows you to feel this sense of epic scale.

      7) It scales really well.
      Be it 1,000 points or 3,000 points the game works on many levels.

      8 The background is engaging and throws in curve balls that is not typical of other fantasy cannon
      Curve balls? Dwarfs are a rising nation, threatening to take over the world, they ride large angry badgers into battle in what is know as … dwarf cavalry. Humans are not Germanic Europeans or French knights, they are elite holy warriors based on the Byzantium empire, oh and they have avenging angels. Ogres are not fat blubbering idiots, they are strong, tribal warriors who live in the mountains with structured societies.

      9) Its affordable
      fifty six orcs including cavalry and chariots for £50 rrp. (or £40 on ebay). Bargain.

      10) Almost all fantasy models are allowed
      If you want to get on the tournament scene mantic don’t care if you use GW, avatars of war or reaper minis to play their games. My personal dwarf army has dwarfs from 5 different manufacturers in it.

      Hope you liked the post folks, and well done for getting to the bottom of it :-) If you want to know more about KoW drop me a message and I will be more than happy to answer any questions or play an intro game with you.


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