100pt Rebels v Empire

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     Lee Mayhew 

      Great gme vs Tom.

      His U-Wing, ARC and B-Wing vs my Decimator, Black Squadron 16 and 2 Academy.

      Both sides set up for ramming speed!

      No.16 given the chance to lead the two Academy into battle alongside Lord Vader in his Decimator.

      Giving the Academy the go ahead to spread their wings both on the left flank they madea right hash of their first move, bumping after 5 straight but one barrel rolled into the other, impetuous fools. Decimator on the right, 16 in the centre. Decimator swung round to face all 3 rebel ships, 16 went hurtling up the middle through the asteroid field.

      Academy got their act together and swung round towards the Rebels as they had been shown in practice, 16 continued straight with the intention of outmaneuvering the enemy. Rebels continued ahead, the U-Wing suffered a couple of shields loss as the locked on Decimator unleashed its proton torpedoes.

      Return fire popped a couple of Deci’s shields.

      Departing from the plan, a gap appeared just in front of the Arc and Captain Oicunn skilfully guided the Deci in front of the ARC and nestled next to an asteroid, dropping cluster mines as he went. 16 started its curving attack run to the rear of B-Wing , Academies (emboldened by 16’s lead) swooped in to get ready to unleash some pain.

      The U-Wing was taken aback as it ploughed right into two cluster mines, the Arc hit the other and B-Wing bumped the U-Wing. Shields scattered across space, once more the Deci suffered damage and suddenly those 12 hull points were disappearing into the abyss.

      16 popped some more off the U with outmaneuver, Academies had a sneaky pot shot.

      Next turn the Deci went 1, hoping that the U would bump and get Anti Pursuit Lasered but it stayed still.

      ARC was firing well from its rear arc, taking a hull off 16 who in turn blew away the U-Wing’s final hull.

      Black Squadron 16 Lord Vader was probably smiling behind his rather attractive mask.

      Deci continued away from the melee as it was down to 2 hull as Vader had exercised his death grip to try to critical the Arc but to no real effect. Plenty of twisting and turning from all other craft ensued with occasional damage, and then ARC spotted a gap past the B-Wing, and unleashed a blistering attack on 16. Needing 2 evades on 4 dice, No 16 tried desperately to roll them, his fingers flicking across his dashboard, pressing switches and pulling off any move he could think of but in a vain hope. 4 Blanks. such is his desire to serve the Empire, he once again jettisoned just before the Tie was obliterated, and waited for the Deci to pick him up.

      In a final throw of the dice (no pun intended) the Deci swung round to try to take out the B-Wing as the ARC was well out of range by now. B-Wing had a well aimed shot on the Deci but Moff threw himself bravely onto the crit to keep the engines running.

      With only one hull left Lord Vader smashed his hand onto the console in frustration , Oicunn gulping in trepidation as his throat tightened slightly as he felt Vader was blaming him for losing so much damage.

      I have no idea what the score was but it was a great game and for once I managed to get some mines off.

      Impressed by the ARC and can’t wait for that Christmas bloke to push a U-wing down my non existent chimney.

      I’m in town on Friday morning so I might have a look and see if there is a new commission for No 16 as, under his guidance, No 6 and No 24 showed their mettle this week and the Empire looks in safe hands.

      In the back of my mind I can hear my missis saying “Lee, it’s a game of plastic spaceships and pretend people from a film, they AREN’T real” – Foolish woman.

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       Lee Mayhew 

        Sadly no new ship for 16. Travelling Man didn’t have what I was after and OG doesn’t open till 12, far too late.

         Tom C 

        It was a really fun game, those two academy pilots were a thorn in my side all the way through!

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