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     Dave Harbottle 


      Does anyone fancy a game of KoW in 10mm? I have dwarves and gobbos and am nonplussed which side I fight… alternatively if you still have a warmaster army still kicking around that you can “convert” to a KoW force then let me know and lets get a game in!



       Carl Newbould 

      Hi Dave,

      Most kow players are on holiday at the moment! I am there and will be playing the other Dave in a campaign game. You are welcome to come over and have a chat and a watch. If you get there at 6:30 Dave may be able to have a shot game using intro figures before I arrive.


       David Ford 

        A good idea Carl. Dave H. we could have a fast game in 10mm or 28mm before Carl arrives. Carl always arrives later because he has to travel from work.

        Alternatively I was hoping that someone else might be free tonight to play you at 10mm KoW, because although many KoW players are not available I felt there may be one or two free who wanted to get started in the KoW summer campaign.


        Dave F.

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