40K 8th Edition Rules Preview

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     Dan Wartnaby 

      Warhammer 40,000 News from AdeptiCon


      It all sounds great to me. The Age of Sigmar rules do a lot of things well, so it’s encouraging to see them take some of it through into 40K. Variable movement, Battleshock, three ways to play, changes to assault (*great*), Rend on weapons, and so on.


      All good stuff.


      Oh, and the video is gold.


        We’ve been really enjoying our 40k the new releases are from a modelling point of view top notch although a bit on the OTT side

        & after 3/4 years I’ve finally finished my double demi company

        Comp play has been major League broken for a while though and balance is next to nonexistent I’m sure they work out points by flinging numbers onto a velcro wall and seeing which ones stick πŸ˜‰

        Those Terminators may get to come out to playΒ in 8th who knows?

        Looking forward to it anyways Mealstrom has been a big success and really helped balance out the broken stuff


         Dan Wartnaby 

          Still enjoying my 40K too. It’s never been balanced, it’s just not that kind of game.


          That said we’ve recently started an AoS learning campaign, and I think it’s surprised people. It’s a really strong, tight, well built game. I’m hoping they lean heavily on it for 8th Ed. I know several people are eager to jump back in if the rules come through.


          I am planning a fun, easy going “tournament” soon Greg to say so long to 7th. The idea, assuming 8th Ed timing works out, is that we play three games; a classic CAD, a 7th Ed formation, and then what ever 8th looks like.


          … also, can I assume The Fallen and Cypher are on your painting table? They are on mine…

           Dan Wartnaby 
             Dan Wartnaby 

              So here’s what we know so far, and i’ll try to keep this up to date for anyone interested in exploring or returning to the game when the new rules land.

              • Core rules are around 12 pages in length and free! – this is great IMHO. A nice, concise core ruleset at last.
              • Ballistic Skill calculations are gone in favour of fixed To Hit rolls, ala AoS. Combat To Hit is also fixed. To Wound is still SvsT.
              • AoS’ random initiative rolls to decide who goes first each game turn is NOT in 40K.
              • Varied Movement stats are confirmed and Morale is being reworked to something similar to AoS (which is a very good thing).
              • Armour values are removed from the game. Vehicles and Monsterous Creatures have high wounds and Toughness. They also have a Damage Table, meaning the more “wounds” they take, the less effective they become.
              • Weapons have armour save modifiers again instead of AP values. Cover simply adds to your save (like AoS, which adds +1 to your save).
              • Stats are no longer capped at 10.
              • Everything in the game can hurt everything else in the game. No more hiding behind high toughness values, or in other words, fuck you Wraithknights.
              • Assault armies should see a huge buff in that units that charge always attack first.
              • AoS’ excellent alternate, you-go-I-go replaces initiative based combat.
              • They’re aiming to make the game quicker and streamlined, they understand the bloat that was added in 7th. Suggests that a 1500 point game should take about 90 minutes.
              • Three modes to play; Open, Narrative, Matched. Open is free-form, Narrative is for campaigns, Matched is full-on points and balance.
              • There are two types of points in the game; a generalised, slightly abstracted set of “Power Points” (like AoS) to give a general idea of how powerful a unit can be. This is used in Narrative play and is designed to make army building simple, and then there’s actual Points as you know them, that include costs for upgrades, gear, etc, which are used for Matched play.
              • No armies or models are being retired. Everything you own will work in 8th with new rules.
              • Templates are dead (thank you), scatter die is removed.
              • Fliers are simplified. In AoS flying gives you movement advantages, but, you’re still subject to normal unit-level play.

              Larger, grander and frankly awesome changes;

              • For matched play there are no formations as we know in 7th. Instead the core rules have 14 detachments. Every one, every army, plays to those detachments. Each detachment has a number of slots of fill for various battlefield roles and can only be built from a single source. These detachments contribute Command Points (see below). Smaller detachments contribute very few Command Points. Larger, army sized detachments contribute a lot of Command Points. This is great as it completely counters the trend in 7th to build armies from several sources in order to stack rules. It aligns with AoS’ design goal that fluffy, narratively accurate forces are rewarded.
              • Command Points are being introduced into the game. These are points you can spend in-game to counter mechanics, for example, in your opponents assault phase you can spend a Command Point to interrupt the “charging units always attack first” to allow one of your units to fight between the first and second charging unit. You can spend a Command Point to re-roll one die, and so on. When you consider that Command Points are a reward for building fluffy armies it’s pretty neat. In time Command Points will be used to add flavour to your army. For example if you build a Space Marine force you might then spend X Command Points to adopt the Ultramarine Chapter tactics, further specialising your army. Rewards to being fluffy.
              • Allies, Keywords and a big blow to Deathstars. They’re introducing keywords to all units in the game. For example a Tactical Squad may have ASTARTES, TACTICAL, INFANTRY as keywords. A Space Marine Librarian may only be able to use powers on other models with the ASTARTES keyword, while an APOTHOCARY may only be able to assist models with both the ASTARTES and INFANTRY keywords. This change alone will have a massive impact on the bullshit people can pull.

              I’ll add more as it comes along.

               Dan Wartnaby 
                 Dan Wartnaby 
                   Dan Wartnaby 

                    More stuff doing this rounds. Non of this from GW, but from someone who claims to be a tester. Much of it is very AoS, which if true i’m happy about.


                    – Assault 2d6”, multiple units
                    – Split fire: any unit can target as many targets as they want
                    – Normally the unit don’t have to target the nearest unit, but there are lots of abilities that have this restriction
                    – Invulnerable saves simply ignore armour penetration up to the given value. They are not that common, wave serpents and Canoptek wraiths have one
                    – Most power fields, etc. are separate saves that are taken in addition to other saves just like FnP of today, they may or may not ignore mortal wounds on a case by case basis
                    – Dodges, camos, etc are now to hit modifiers
                    – Characters cannot join units
                    – Characters can only be targeted if nearest target or within 12”
                    – Larger models are seldom characters, Gulliman is not for example
                    – Deepstriking units can be placed anywhere. Every unit with deep strike has a value. Have to beat it to land on target, otherwise opposing player can move unit the rolled distance
                    – There are no mishaps anymore
                    – Overwatch shooting against deep striking units within 9” at -1 BS
                    – Summoning is not a psychic ability anymore, normal deep striking with psyker as homing beacon instead
                    – There are spells that replenish or add wounds to demon squads
                    – Most vehicles have a single attack with high S, but no AP, some have considerably more like the battle waggon
                    – Vehicles and units fighting against vehicles usually can fall back without penalty, they cannot move in the charge phase when they have moved or shot in the same turn. Most walkers don’t have this rule
                    – Terrain enhances armour in assault phase for the defender, or both in consecutive turns, is negated by grenades
                    – Assaulting units get +1 attack
                    – Vertical movement does not count against the allowance but a model cannot go higher than the movement value in a given phase. Lots of exceptions for jumping, flying, etc. of course
                    Ranges are measured on the ground level from base or model to base or model, whichever is nearer
                    – Units are deployed within 3” of a transport, cannot move, but can charge in the charge phase
                    – No more firing from a transport, though some vehicles, especially open topped ones have extra firing points weapons if they transport enough (and sometimes eligible) models. But they use their own BS and the kind of weapon is fixed. For example Raiders have 5 fire point splinter rifles, but only if they transport kabalite warriors
                    – No challenges
                    – Hidden power fists viable again, wound allocation by owning player, any model in squad, but wounded ones first
                    – There are some precision weapons that let the firing player choose the wound allocation (always or on a 6)
                    – Units have always the same T and Save now. There are some models that have T- Sv – and adapt like drones and grots, most of the other combined units have matchings stats now, Black templar neophytes have a 3+ now, for whatever reason
                    – Command points allow to reroll saves, hits, wounding or charge distance, reroll any single dice throw, negate all terrain in 12” of one of your models, alter the attack sequence, boost psychic block rolls, allow additional reserves and allow units to get another charge phase after wiping out an enemy
                    – There are some models like Ghazghkull that have their own abilities that are triggered by command points
                    – perils of the war: snake eyes on the test, d6 on table, d3 mortal wounds and losing a spell are the worst cases
                    – Player can spend command points to choose who goes first instead of rolling, whoever spends more
                    – Matched games have a fixed number of turns, 5 or 6 rounds depending on mission, 18” is starting range and turn 1 charges are completely legal
                    – Reserves are not random, except for rounding: second turn half the units are deployed, third turn half of the remaining, fourth turn rest
                    – Flyers have an individual to hit modifier, mostly -2 or -3, a 6 is always a hit as usual, depends on the flying mode for flyers that have more than one
                    – Flyers are affected by heavy weapon malus, but most flyer weapons are assault,
                    flyer weapons have often a shorter range and a different name, but are otherwise identical to their ground counterparts
                    – Terrain does not influence movement distance per se. Some citadel terrain pieces half the movement or do other things.
                    – There are no warzone rules in the core rules
                    – True line of sight is used to establish line of sight to a model, but otherwise models count in or out of cover depending if they are in a piece of terrain or if they are touching it and the firing – line goes through the terrain
                    – In matched play, models have a fixed base size specified in the General’s Handbook. In the two other game types, they can use any base they want


                      Some we can infer by the info already provided are correct

                      Some on the other hand I would wait and see, the no shooting out of a vehicle one seems strange and as open topped isn’t going to exists in its current form at allΒ and the main 12 page rules won’t cover unit rules and each unit will have its own idiosyncrasies

                      Challenges not being in is understandable if your going to move to let your opponent choose who he looses in terms of casualties as is IC’s being unable to join squads or be targeted unless your close in

                      Split fire on a weapon by weapon basis makes sense as well

                      The Β – to hit Β for cover is interesting hopefully it will affect marker lights the whole Tau ignores all rules was getting boring as was invisibility to dump on them

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