40K Slow Grow Campaign – "Carcere"

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     Dan Wartnaby 

      Hey all,

      Just posting here to pick up anyone not yet aware of the Slow Grow campaign we’re starting next week.

      The campaign pack is here; http://knowledgeisporridge.com/CarcereSlowGrow.pdf

      The goal of the campaign is to slowly build new armies, and is ideal for new 40K players or people who’ve only recently returned to the game.

      The first missions will be put out next week. All are welcome. If you’d like to take part let me know the army you play, the alliance you’d like to join (see the pack) and ideally your mobile number so I can add you to the Whatsapp group.




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       Dan Wartnaby 

        Just a quick update. The campaign kicked off tonight and much fun was had by all. The latest pack is here;


        As always anyone is welcome to join in, even with an existing army. Just give me a shout.


         Dan Wartnaby 

          Pack update with mission three and up to date scoring.



           Dave Williamson 

            Hi Dan, I should probably sign up for this, I’m playing Bennet tonight at 1000 pts with the new dark angels army I’m currently painting. I would like to join the subjugation faction

            Hopefully its not too late to join the party/campaign.

            My painted dark angels 1000 pts so far contains:

            • Captain
            • Librarian
            • 2x 5 man tac squads
            • 1x 5 man scout squad
            • 1x 5 man assault squad
            • 1 x dreadnought
            • 1x predator
            • 1x razorback

            I’m already starting to work on the next 250 pts with some devastators and another razorback.

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