Anyone play Blucher?

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     Dave Harbottle 


      Am new to the club an whilst I know the genre is generally scifant, does anyone play, has played, or would like to play Blucher by Sam Mustafa?

      Its a napoleonic game, but is designed at least in the beginnings to use cards rather than minis to enable getting into games quicker… I have the peninsular war (Britain and allies v France in Spain for an oversimplification!) set so if anyone is interested please shout me!


       Andy R 

        I’ve never played Blucher but have played a lot of Napoleonic rule sets.

        Newbury, Sound of the Guns, WRG, Grand Manner.

        Our current favourite are Shako II¬†which we play at Guppy’s a lot. I have 28mm French, Austrians and Bavarians.

         Dave Harbottle 

          I have Shako 1 somewhere… the price tag of v2 put me off. I originally planned to go 6mm and own some Brits and Russians – all still in bear metal unfortunately as other ideas came in.

          Am currently planning on going 3mm but figured my army completion level is low to plump for the cards designed for the rules to get a game in!

          Can I tempt you? As I say I have the peninsula set that have yet to used in anger… Am happy to give shako 2 a go if I can borrow a side to play with. Unfortunately Guppy’s is out for me as Mondays I need to be on Dad duty.

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