Armada Highlander Event 9 December

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     Andy R 

      On Saturday 9 December Garrison is holding a competition day with several events. I will be running a Star Wars Armada two game tournament with a difference. Basically you cannot have any duplicates in the entire event.

      • 8 (maybe 10) players turn up with no idea what list they will be playing. They don’t need to bring any ships, cards or squadrons as these are provided. Rulers, dice, damage decks, obstacles and counters are needed as normal. At registration we split them evenly between Rebels and Imperials for the morning game. In the afternoon game the factions reverse so everyone plays both Rebels and Empire during the day.
      • Payers gather round a large table. On it are placed one of each card in the game. For example an ISD1, ISD2, VSD1, VSD2, Tie-F, Howlrunner, Mauler, Black Squadron, Rudor, one of each Commander and one of each upgrade. Imperial only cards will be on the left, Rebel only cards on the right and neutral cards & objectives in the middle.
      • Players then take it in turns going round the table clockwise to each select one card adding it to their list (keeping their own tally). We keep going around and around the table (from a different starting player each round) picking one card each time to add to the lists until they reach the 400 point limit. They can’t select an upgrade unless they have an available slot for it on a ship already selected. So no Demolisher unless you already have a GSD etc.
      • Players must (at some point) select a commander and a red/blue/yellow objective and of course cannot over select these to spoil others. Limiting it to 4-5 players per faction means we shouldn’t run out of ships or fighters as the Imperials have 1060 points of ships and 231 points of squadrons to share around.
      • If someone selects the Vader Squadron then the Vader Commander card is still available to be selected by any of the other Imperial players apart from the guy who just chose the Vader Squadron. Same goes for the Leia officer and commander for the rebels.
      • Once everyone has spent the points they wish (remember initiative bids) we play a game as normal.
      • Then we have Lunch.
      • Then we do the selection process again with each player changing their faction.
      • Then we play game 2.
      • Tally the scores and hand out prizes.

      Sign up here or see me.


       Andy Alexander 

        I’d be up for this.

         Andy R 

          We now have 6 tables and space for 12 players. Signed up so far are

          1. Andy R
          2. Alex J
          3. Johnny H
          4. Andy A
          5. Nick C
          6. James C
          7. Adrian C

          Thinking it over are Isaac B, Neil B, Domonic D, Adrian S


           Andy R 

            Adrian S is joining us so that’s 8 players.

            If players can arrive by 10am that would be great.

            bring dice, rulers, counters and damage deck

             Andy Alexander 

              I’m really sorry, but i’m not going to make it. Kids, etc. Have a good game day.

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