Blood Bowl 2016

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     Nathan Chenery 

      I’ve sorted my team out and stuck it on the website. Hopefully it’s ok.




        Yes looks good – a human team

        Coach Balgor yet to create his team

        I will be seeing York Wargame Society on Monday 13th to hopefully recruit a few coaches.

        Had Nic playing a refresher game last night – probably playing Orcs

        Looking at 20th onwards to start the league





          I updated topic Blood Bowl Season 1 in the forum РRecent topics is not as good as it used to be


            Last Round 1 on 27th
            Vixens in Leathers – Dark Elves (Terry) vs The Clan Ehsin Raiders -Skaven (Peter)

            Semi-finals 2 games (Top four players)
            Finals – 1 game

            No extra time, if a draw then winner is decided on League Points, TD then CAS

            Then planning/recruiting for Season 2 and I will be merging in certain GW Death Zone 2 new rules.


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