Blood Bowl Season 1

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      Apologies David and thanks Chris

      Once the first round is played the top 4 teams go into a semi finals and then the finals


       Inquisitor Holloway 

        I played my last league game last night against Graham, which ended in a 1-1 draw.  I was happy with this result since it looked like Graham was going to run away with it at half time.


          Last Round 1 on 27th
          Vixens in Leathers Dark Elves (Terry) vs The Clan Ehsin Raiders – Skaven(Peter)

          Semi-finals 2 games (Top four players)
          Finals – 1 game

          No extra time, if a draw then the winner is decided on League Points, TD then CAS

          The planning/recruiting starts for Season 2 and will be merging in certain GW Death Zone 2 new rules.

          League Website:



            After a few deaths and many injuries we are now starting the semifinals

            # Player      Coach         Team                                              Race
            1 Graham    Balgor             Balgor Bashers                             Nurgle
            2 Peter         Lucius101       The Clan Ehsin Raiders             Skaven
            3 Terry        Teza25            Vixens in Leathers                     Dark Elf
            4 Chris         Tigerstyle      The Wasteland Wanderers        C haos Pact

            The favourite is Balgor Bashers but the dice are fickle and deadly


            Season 2 is not far away, a new topic will be started for those coaches keen to play



             Inquisitor Holloway 

              I wanted the Most Casualties caused award and its looks like I might have got it 🙂


              graham and I are trying to get our game organised soon, just waiting on Graham’s shifts to be confirmed.


                Semi Finals Vixens in Leathers vs The Clan Ehsin Raiders

                The rain lifted and play began with Ratspatter (Ogre) blitzing, but not with much bash. The crowd favoured the Clan when the ball went out and threw it onto the Vixens TD zone for a rat to press it home. Vixens responded with the next two TDs. In the last turn the Vixens fumbled a pass (Doh) which was snatched up by a gutter runner to score another TD. 2-2 final score.

                The Clan Ehsin Raiders go through to the finals based on overall wins

                Coach Peter is most pleased while the Vixens Coach Teza had no comment


                 Inquisitor Holloway 

                  Sorry for the delay, Graham and I had some trouble getting down to Garrison at the same time.  We are going to play our semi final match this Wednesday.

                   Inquisitor Holloway 

                    One question on the league table, the match conceded by the Tomb Titans I was only awarded a draw but other teams were awarded a 1-0 win.  Should I have not got a win also?


                      Hi Chris,

                      you are right about the Tomb Titans match. I put the score in the wrong field – all corrected now



                       Inquisitor Holloway 

                        In the semi-final between me and Graham, I won 2-0.  My dice were very hot, Graham’s were very cold so it was definitely against the form book.


                          The final match is….

                          The Clan Ehsin Raiders a Skaven team by coach Peter vs

                          The Wasteland Wanderers a Chaos team by coach Chris.

                          We should also take a minute for players that died (some horribly) in this season:

                          Ratbolt Barbjaw        50k  The Clan Ehsin Raiders
                          Heztoth the Bloody   50k  The Wasteland Wanderers
                          Last Rights                70k   Vixens in Leathers
                          Sindella                     110k  Vixens in Leathers

                          Should be a good final and then Season 2 can begin.



                            Final result

                            Well done Chris with your The Wasteland Wanderers Chaos Pact Team by winning 2 – 0

                            Final Match Chaos on the pitch

                            That is the end of Season 1.

                            If you are wishing to play in the Season 2 Rookie Tournament then please visit the online league manager website.


                            Register as a new coach if you have not played before.

                            See the forum Blood Bowl Season 2 in club events



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