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      Hi there

      Just wanted to put some feelers out for how many people at Garrison / York area are infinity players?

      There’s a few I know a few from the York, Beverley and Hull area that I play with regularly and was hoping there’s maybe a few more in the area as well. There’s about 10 of us so far.

      I know me and a couple mates would happily pop down Garrison for few games as we’d really like to help keep the scene pushing forward and we’re both local as well (I’m in Haxby and he’s just off Haxby Road.

      I currently have vanilla Yu Jing, ISS, and JSA, and mates have Nomads, Pan-o, Aleph, Combined, Onyx, MAF, Haqq – we basically have all forces covered.

      Did I see Andy from Ragnarok games is in the area? I met you down at the recent Northern Open 5 if so :)

      Look forward to hearing from you all :)


        I’m a casual Infinity player and I’ve got a fair size force of PanO and Nomads (and the obligatory boxes of terrain). Wouldn’t mind a bigger Infinity scene at the club!

        I can’t offer any serious competition (I tend to play what I think looks cool rather than actually create anything tournament-worthy!) but I’d certainly like to learn to play a bit more. I think I can count the actual games I’ve played on one hand – and half of them were learning the rules again with Andy!


          The guys I play with range from some seriously good players to gamers like me and James (which by the sounds of it you’r the same) which play by rule of cool and suffer from horrific dice rolling skills.

          I’m still fairly new to the game as well – but would love to get a game going :) I can’t make next week, but the week after I’m free :)


            I could certainly bring some stuff along that week :-)



              Do you or the club have terrain? I’ve not got mine built yet, but I’m sure I could get some borrowed if needed :)

                podmeister wrote:

                Do you or the club have terrain? I’ve not got mine built yet, but I’m sure I could get some borrowed if needed :)

                Oh, mate, does Jason have terrain?

                We have a saying around these parts. It goes “Jason is not very good at war-games but he’s really very good at collecting, building and painting terrain”.

                …We’re not known for our pithy sayings.


                  Yes, I do have terrain, as Dan so rightly points out.

                  They’re just jealous and would rather use smoke than actual buildings for cover…


                    Great stuff

                    I may be guilty of smoke shenanigans as well…

                    I’ve got a board to get built with the warmill mega mansion and several other bits and pieces… so I’m also fairly guilty of buying terrain.


                      Afternoon… Are we still on for next Wednesday? and do we need to get a table booked or are we able to just turn up?


                        Yep, Wednesday should be fine. No need to book, I’ll be there fairly early hopefully and just move other people’s stuff while they’re not looking if necessary ;)

                        How many points, and do you want to do some mission or whatever it is the kids play with infinity these days?


                          Excellent 300 points.We can do annihilation if you want (straight up killing) or an ITS mission where specialists are needed if you’d prefer something a bit more tactical.


                            I’m happy either way. I must admit I haven’t got any experience with the current ITS missions, so if you have a preference just let me know.


                              We’ll go simple, either annihilation or quadrant control and we’ll use classified cards.

                              So a few specialists will be useful (hacker, FO, Doctor or paramedic, d-charges etc)


                                What time does it open up tonight? And wondering when you’re free to get started.



                                  Officially the club starts at 6:30, but some people are usually setting up from about 6:00.

                                  I should be there by 6:30. Might try and get there a little earlier to lay some things out.

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