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     Graham Dixon 

      If you use Facebook at all and aren’t already aware that the club now has a Facebook Group as well as a Facebook Page then please take a look at:

      The basic difference between a group and a page is that a group is easier for everyone to contribute to, which means it’s ideal for things like club news, organising games, selling things, etc.

      We have no plans to shut down the forum at the moment but obviously it gets far less activity on it than it used to so things like Facebook and Whatsapp are great ways to keep up to date with things.


        Is there any way to make the page accessible to anyone without a Facebook account?
        Currently it requires a Facebook account to even view it.

         Graham Dixon 

          Hi Barry, yes there is but it would mean changing the privacy settings. Personally its not something I would be in favour of but I will certainly mention it at the next committee meeting and see what the majority opinion is

           Graham Dixon 

            Hi Barry, I meant to mention this to you recently but completely forgot, we did discuss this request at the most recent meeting and it was decided to leave the group as Private. This forum will remain here as well, but as we’ve all seen there isnt really a great deal of activity on it these days. (Time to give in to the dark side and sign up to Facebook 😉 )

             Lee Mayhew 

            Barry, join up to Facebook now and then get lots of new friends in the Philippines Fire Department.

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