December 10th – Free Grimdark.

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      Imperial Agents, Inquisitors, Fish men and Xenos scum, lend me your ears!

      Thanks to Gray’s Tetris-fu skills we have some space for an 8×6 board on December 10th, which is a free day of gaming. My suggestion would be a fun, easy going all-day Apocalypse/High-points for up to six players (3v3).

      We can settle on the actual details of the game later, right now I just need an idea on numbers and who would want to take part.

      1. Me (although i’ll gladly step aside for a 6th person who wants to play, and just come down to watch).
      2. Sam
      3. Richard
      4. Greg
      5. Luke

      1. Shane
      2. Joe

      So, who’s up for representing the Grimdark on Slay Bells Saturday? Please let me know below, and only put your name down if you’re committed to coming.



        Youve got 8×6 actually, admittedly at a bit of a tight squeeze but you should be fine


          Even better, post updated.



            I’d be down for this :)


              I’m free then and would love to get involved if there’s not enough space for everyone will be happy to came down and watch as the raffle sounds good :)


                Me and Luke please

                I’ll step out or share if were overloaded whatever fits best


                  Nice one Greg, added you both.

                  Just need Shane and/or Joe to confirm and we’re full. If anyone else is still interested in this let me know.


                    Just to piggy-back the email notifications – you guys might be interested in;


                      Any updates on details pts mission etc?


                        Need some final numbers, but so far there’s 5 of us. Thinking 3 (attackers) vs 2 (defenders).

                        What armies are people hoping to play? Points confirmed next week.


                          Im really looking forward to the Apoc game means I can bring my Tau supremacy model


                            I will either be bringing Genestealer Cults, or Guard and Deathwatch



                              Luke is fetching Imperial forces including 2 Knights Probably some ad-mech formations to try out (not war con)

                              I’m fetching Legion of the Damned Apoc formation + probably Deathwatch & maybe a bit of Deathwing (The Theme is it must have Death in it ;)
                              Special rule for the LOD is fleshbane 2+ the turn they come down & units within 6 of the drop take 2d6 S4 AP5 hits soulblaze coupled with their Ethereal Bolts (ignores cover) & Relic (Feel no Pain) This in recognition of it being Xmas and wanting to give to our Xenos brothers the present of as much pain and destruction as possible.

                              Deathwatch will be set up as elite kill teams and the Deathwing part is Deathwing Knights doing what they Do best dealing out death

                              I would like to set my forces up as an insertion force (if thats OK with everyone else) and I’m presuming it will be 2000 points each on a double board between me and Luke we can quite easily bump in another 2k of points if we have odd numbers.

                              I could also set up the insertion force to 3k and use it a s a relief / Retaliation force come to the aid of a beleaguered set upon imperial outpost

                              Anyone got the new planet srtike Book?


                                Richard how many points of Tau can you field?

                                Sam how many points of stealers do you have?

                                I’ll be brining infantry heavy Deathwatch, maybe a flier, the odd drop pod. But of everything really.

                                @Greg i’ve not bought the new book. Figured we’d cobble something together from older Apoc. Will find something suitable, just going to give it a day or two to see if we can get a 6th player.


                                  I’ve built a 3000pt list already can easily go to 5000pts so any size game I can go with :)

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