December 10th – Free Grimdark.

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      I can easily bring 2500 of stealers and can bring tyranids as well which can easily be another 1500-2000. So potentially 4000-4500 :). Or alternatively can bring imperials if it works better fluff wise so deathwatch, guard assassins and inq. And i can bring upto 5000 pts of them combined :) whatever works best really :)


        Just a quick reminder for you all, the focus of this saturday is to raise money for Cancer Research. The club isn’t charging you to come, and we’ve managed to get a lot of prizes from various wargaming companies. As such we’ll be selling raffle tickets so you have the chance to win prizes.

        I’d like to suggest that everyone plan on buying at least £5 of raffle tickets, as you’d have spent that much to come anyway! Beyond that please be generous, every single pound raised goes to the charity and you have the chance to win some great prizes

        See you all saturday



          hey i’m up for 40k though i’ve only got about 1k points of tzeentch Chaos Daemons painted up properly,a few hundred more if i use some proxies of my grey knights which are painted red for heralds and bloodletters( .got almost 2 boxes worth of the starter set but they unpainted or messily painted on some because 1 set was 2nd hand from a carboot sale but i don’t have chaos space marines codex to use them


            Really sorry guys I going to have to drop out I was very excited about the game , the raffle and helping out a good course but I have to work Sorry hope you all have a brilliant time


              Alrighty chaps, so we have five players now that Richard is having to work, but it’s all good. My suggestion would be to play or modify a mission like Final Assault from the base Apocolypse book.

              It’s an attack/defend mission. We could break it down as Me and Greg vs Luke, Sam and Bright (sorry Bright i don’t yet know your first name).

              Bright playing Chaos, Luke for narrative purposes could represent the Dark Mechanicum, and Sam’s stealers spotting an opportunity by forging an uncomfortable alliance with the dark powers to infiltrate a beleaguered imperial stronghold. The Deathwatch, The Deathwing and the unlikely arrival of the Legion of the Damned are all that stand in their way.

              Bright; 1000pts Chaos
              Sam; 2500pts of Stealers
              Luke; 2500pts of Ad Mech and Knights

              Me; 2000pts of Deathwatch
              Greg; 4000pts should be ample for your three factions?

              12K total.


                Sounds good to me, bring on the carnage :)


                  No prob 4000 points of the Emperors finest Gonna chuck in an Inquisitor while I’m at it :)


                    Cheers for the game chaps, it was a fun day of gaming in the Grimdark.

                    @Greg; you won some Blood Angel Death Company. They’re in the locked cupboard at Garrison, just grab them next time you’re down.

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