December 10th – STAW OP

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      Hopefully anyone reading this will have already seen THIS TOPIC by now. I’ll keep things updated here with what the plan is for the STAW event but the basic idea will be that I will run all three parts of the Classic Movie trilogy. So the first game will be Wrath of Khan, the second Search for Spock and the third will be the Voyage Home. This means there will be 6 prizes available (possibly more if I can scrape together anything else as well) and its limited to just 6 people being able to play (due to the space constraints) so I will work out some sort of system for distributing the prizes so that everyone gets something.

      The Classic Movie OP Series

      Its completely free to play in this one folks and there will be a prize for everybody playing so get yourself signed up below!

      [li]Andy Alexander[/li]
      [li]Alex Jamal[/li]
      [li]Andy Richardson[/li]
      [li]Neil Bayliss[/li]
      [li]Simon Green[/li]
      [li]James Carpenter[/li]


        I’ll play!

          andya2 wrote:
          I’ll play!

          Nice one Andy, Ive added you to the list


            Is the grand prize available as well?

            So same fleet for all three games? 130pts? or is there a booster?
            (jumping the gun a bit for details, I know…)


              I havent really planned the specifics so i wont 100% confirm for now but yeah I dont see why not


                I’m in :)


                  Me too please.


                    Alex and Andy R now added to the list as well B)


                      Count me in for STAW please Gray

                        nog wrote:
                        Count me in for STAW please Gray

                        Done :)


                          Hi Gray,
                          Count me in :).


                            Done, just the 1 space left now


                              Hi Gray,

                              Put me down for the last space if it’s still there please.



                                Done :-)

                                And thats this event now “sold out”, I will add anyone else who wants to play to a reserve list though as people may drop out and there is a slight possibility we might be able to expand the capacity


                                  Pop me on the reserve list please :)

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