December 10th – STAW OP

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      gillus wrote:
      Pop me on the reserve list please :)

      Done B)


        fingers crossed, i’ll be down anyway :)


          Not long to go now, I still havent worked out the exact details of what OPs we will be running, Ive been a bit busy getting Red Beam Designs launched recently :-) , but I promise I will be prepared on the day. Are you all still okay to play? Start time will be 9:30 and the end will be 4:30 as we then have to tidy up the room and do the raffle as well before 5:30


            I’ll be there


              I’m still good.


                yup, still good.


                  Ive updated the tournament rules document that we use, its exactly the same as before it just includes an updated list of Retired Resources



                    Just a quick reminder for you all, the focus of this saturday is to raise money for Cancer Research. The club isn’t charging you to come, and we’ve managed to get a lot of prizes from various wargaming companies. As such we’ll be selling raffle tickets so you have the chance to win prizes.

                    I’d like to suggest that everyone plan on buying at least £5 of raffle tickets, as you’d have spent that much to come anyway! Beyond that please be generous, every single pound raised goes to the charity and you have the chance to win some great prizes

                    See you all saturday



                      So, the plan is to play Round 1 as part 1 of the Classic Movies OP trilogy, Round 2 as part 2 and Round 3 as part 3. This will mean there are more than enough prizes to go round so I’ll work out exactly how we allocate those at the end. If you guys get finished well before everyone else then Ive also got The Void and The Doomsday machine that you can all play as well if you like, entirely up to you :-)

                      Im likely to be pretty busy on the day organising various bits and pieces, and hopefully getting in a bit of gaming myself as well, so Im pretty much going to leave you guys to run things yourself, obviously I am on hand if required. With that in mind, can you all please take a look at the relevant PDFs online to make sure you are familiar with how to play each OP, I havent read any of them so will be of very limited help with this bit

                      Any questions, just let me know.

                      PS As per Ben’s message above, charitable contributions by way of purchasing raffle tickets will be greatly appreciated :-)

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