December kings of war mega game

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      Hello all,

      For the Saturday in December i will be running a large scale, alliance game for KoW . Provided there is enough interest of course. The idea is simple. Declare a faction bring 2,000 pts and play a festive based scenario.

      If we can get 3 aside it would be great. Also remember the club’s fee that day is £0, its free. FREE!

      Sign up below;

      Carl- ogres or basileans
      Isaac- nature
      Chris- undead or ogres
      Dave- undead or orcs
      James- elves


        Sounds like a good laugh. Count me in provisionally (December being a long way off). Can bring Undead or Ogres =)


          Sounds like fun, count me in.


            Right well that’s at least 4 of us then so we at least now have a doubles games!

            I’ve updated the post.


              Excellent work folks! The spaces for these games are filling up fast at the moment :-)


                Hello, please sign me up as a player no.5/reserve.

                Dave- undead (or orcs)


                  You are in. There is no reserve needed. If we have an odd number I can bring extra points in to compensate.



                    Which Saturday will it be, so I can work out if I can make it. I probably will go as elves


                      It’s Saturday 10th.

                      Nice or nasty elves?

                        Rune of Beards wrote:
                        It’s Saturday 10th.

                        Nice or nasty elves?

                        I think I am going for nice elves.

                        Meaning elves who are fighting for good (with elite). But they are going to come with some heroic and skillful warriors.


                          Just messaging to make sure my head count is correct on the first post. Equally if anyone else wanted to get in on the action there is a seat waiting for you.



                            So unless we get a late entry there will be 5 of us.

                            Here are the group’s
                            Team 1
                            Forces of good

                            James M- elves
                            Chris- ogres

                            Team 2
                            Force of evil… eeeevil!

                            Carl- ogres
                            Isaac- nature
                            Dave- undead

                            I figured it would be unfair to put the winner the garrison tournament with the games coordinator (sorry James).

                            There are a couple of ways we can get round this. Option A is team one have 1500 points each and team 2 have 1000 each. We can play 2 maybe 3 games in the day swapping our teammates as we go or….

                            Option B. team good will each have 3000 point armies and team evil will each have 2000 points. If team good are short on models then you can borrow my basileans out dwarfs.

                            Let me know what you guys want and we shall do it.



                              I shall be the good guys for once :).

                              It will be interesting to see how the games pan out. As long as I can use Bassilean allies then I am fine which ever way the others want to do.
                              In my mind it shall be a grudge match against Carl :).
                              Are we writing friendly lists or powerful lists?


                                I’m happy for 3000/2000 per person. Think I can make a 3000 point ogre army no problem. Are we allowed living legends at all?


                                  Also. James I apologise in advance as I haven’t played KoW in months so advice will be well received =)

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