December kings of war mega game

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      CDTray wrote:
      Also. James I apologise in advance as I haven’t played KoW in months so advice will be well received =)

      I’m sure you have a good collection, also I’m sure as we are on the same team, we can coordinate :)


        Also what time will we need to be at York Garrison?


          @James- aim to arrive at about 9:30-10:00

          @Chris- Living Legends are allowed! Whoop!


            Just a quick reminder for you all, the focus of this saturday is to raise money for Cancer Research. The club isn’t charging you to come, and we’ve managed to get a lot of prizes from various wargaming companies. As such we’ll be selling raffle tickets so you have the chance to win prizes.

            I’d like to suggest that everyone plan on buying at least £5 of raffle tickets, as you’d have spent that much to come anyway! Beyond that please be generous, every single pound raised goes to the charity and you have the chance to win some great prizes

            See you all saturday


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