Demo game on the 16th?

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      Just wondering if anyone was up for giving me a Malifaux demo game on the 16th? I have a small crew (Vonshill’s Crew + Strongarm) but i’ve yet to play a game.



        16th is a bit awkward as Martin, Peter, Graham, Nathan and me are all on our monthly TtB campaign session that day.

        How about the 23rd?


          Hey Chris – No worries at all – Folk Hall is shut on the 23rd and 30th, so we could try for something in the new year.



            Good point Dan, I’d totally misread Bennett’s post on the dates.

            I may be able to do the 9th if you’re around? Just depends on work as I may not be down.


              I think i’m playing Shane next week, but i’ll check tonight Chris and let you know – cheers.


                Anyone want to drag me through a demo game on the 13th?


                  I’ll do you a demo on the 13th Dan.


                    Excellent, thanks Chris. Looking forward to it.


                      Still on for this tomorrow Chris?


                        Yep, what I suggest we do is play a small game as 35SS without any upgrades while you get used to things. That will allow you to play with some of your toys but not too much to get oberwhelmed.

                        Von Schill, cache of 7, steam trunk, 2 freikorpsmen, Librarian and Specialist is 35 stones.

                        I will use Lilith, cache of 7, cherub, 3 terror tots, a young Nephilim and Barbaros.


                          Works for me, see you tomorrow and thanks again.


                            Dan – running a bit late, might be 7 before I’m there

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