Disorganised Play Guild BAll Event – 10/12/16

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      Good Day Ballers,

      So who fancies a fun and free Guild Ball event later in the Year??

      As a bit of a thank you to Garrison members the club committee has decided that for the Last Saturday session of the year the usual £5 fee will be waived. They have also decided this would be a great opportunity to close the year out in style and are wanting to run some mini events for the more regularly played games.

      To that end thanks to Gray we’ve got 8 spots with which to run a guild Ball event. So that the day will be relaxed and fun (who needs tournament stress that close to Christmas???) I’m planning to run a Disorganised Play Event. Or to be precise…..


      This particular format of Guild Ball is one of a few fun twists to regular play (under the banner of Disorganised Play) that Steamforged Games have been working on recently that they intend to debut at the upcoming Steamcon in November. The full rules for disorganised play should be released in November but the pertinent points are as follows:

      1). Team composition is as usual. Pick a guild, then a captain, mascot and 4 other players eligible to play for that team.

      2). Matches are played up to 12 points as per normal.

      3). In addition to the normal source of VPs (Take-outs and Goals) any player in possession of the ball marker may target an enemy model and attempt to pass the ball to them. If this pass is successful the target player receives the taken out condition the active team gains 2 VPs.

      4). However if the pass as mentioned above were to miss and is intercepted by an enemy model the kicking model gets the taken out condition and the 2 VPs go to the opposing side! (Just like in dodgeball).

      This format has been play tested by Steamforged Games and all reports are that it is fun, frenetic, well balanced and unsurprisingly makes for quite a quick game.

      Were hoping to be able to get a little bit of Swag to coincide with the event but even without it should be a great days gaming.

      As mentioned above we have 6 spots allocated to us So I’ll maintain a record of the sign-ups here. If your interested respond to this thread and I’ll add your name.


      1- Rob Pickard
      2- Martin Edwards
      3- Sam Wood
      4- Nick Tighe

      Cheers All,


        I’m up for this, sign me up please!



          I’m currently up for a day of Guildball, sign me up please.


            Just a quick reminder for you all, the focus of this saturday is to raise money for Cancer Research. The club isn’t charging you to come, and we’ve managed to get a lot of prizes from various wargaming companies. As such we’ll be selling raffle tickets so you have the chance to win prizes.

            I’d like to suggest that everyone plan on buying at least £5 of raffle tickets, as you’d have spent that much to come anyway! Beyond that please be generous, every single pound raised goes to the charity and you have the chance to win some great prizes

            See you all saturday


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