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      I thought i’d put up a post about Dropfleet Commander. A few of us have just started playing it, and it’s really rather good. As far as I can tell it has a unique setting as a space-combat game that actually takes place in orbit around a planet. You control a fleet of ships, split into Battlegroups and then into groups. The general goal of DF games is to drop “Ground Assets” (troops, tanks, etc) into various cities and fortifications on the planet’s surface, which in turn have their own combat round to vie for control.

      Gameplay takes place through several layers of atmosphere and employs a system of scan ranges and “spikes” (essentially radar signature) to resolve shooting and actions.

      If anyone would like a demo, shout. It’s a brand new game, so it’s not often you get the chance to take up a new game at it’s start and play against people without years of experience.



        Would also like to add that it’s NOT an expensive game to get into. Andy (Ragnarok) sells the two player starter set of £52 (two starter fleets; UCM and Scourge, full rulebook, etc) or individual starter fleets for £32 (UCM, Scourge, PHR or the Shaltari).


          Looked like a pretty interesting game to me from what I saw of you and Martin playing it the other night, think I might take a proper look at it the next few weeks


            Yeah it’s a very enjoyable game. I’m playing it again this week if you want to take a look.

            Can also give you a demo some time soon, we can borrow a fleet from someone.

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