Dropzone Commander Board Design

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      I recently came in to possession of some 1 foot square tiles which I think would be ideal for a Dropzone Commander board. In any case I think they would be a lot more playable than the paper tiles which move about a little too much for my liking.

      Since I have neither terrain nor models and I haven’t actually played a game yet I thought I’d go ahead and create a modular board anyway. Because, you know, I appear to have some undiagnosed issue.

      This is my design so far, and I’d like some feedback on how playable it is. The buildings are representations of those I’m thinking of picking up:


      Does the game need more roads? More buildings? More spaces for buildings? For once I’m trying not to create something which is obviously flawed. Who’d have though it wasn’t a good idea to stick a canal right down the exact centre of an Infinity table?


        I’m still pretty new to the game, but it needs more LoS blocking and preferably more (and stronger) buildings in the deployment zones. The ones that are there are small and only have 10 wounds, so it’s pretty easy to open the board up even more in turn one and a big risk.

        The red bits are turn one firing lanes. Anyone driving tanks on to the board is going to do a ton of damage on turn 1!



          So it looks like at least two or three more large buildings then.

          The producers of the game give the impression that a couple of open firing lanes across the board is not a bad idea. Is that not the case?


            Firing lanes are fine, and it is nice to have board edge to board edge, just not when deployment zones essentially have small buildings that are easy to nuke from those lanes. In terms of coverage – roughly 50% of each deployment zone is open right now, and the other 50% is blocked off by easily destroyable buildings.

            If those buildings had objectives it’d be pretty rough going.


              For example by destroying the two small buildings in the far deployment zone the map opens massively.



                OK, I see what you mean. Looks like the board itself will be fine since that’s just a few roads and pretty bits. But it needs more big buildings.

                Adding 3 more it still looks a little sparse in places:


                I’ve marked the small, medium and large buildings yellow, orange and red respectively. Obviously buildings can be moved about, it’s just being able to tell if there is enough of the right thing to make a viable gaming table.

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