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      I have attached a pdf file showing the currently planned “Events” at York Garrison. There is also a copy of this stuck to the inside door of the cupboard with the boards in it.

      This will be kept updated as frequently as possible so please keep an eye on it to see if there are any upcoming Events that you may be interested in. If you would like arrange an event yourself then please just let us know and we can discuss the details.

      Most events will not take up all the available space so other games can still be run but if in doubt then please check first.


        Events Calendar updated. We have a slot free on Saturday Feb 13th if anyone is interested in running an event at all?


          Updated again, lots of free spaces for events. Please speak to a member of the Committee or one of the new Game Coordinators if you would like to run an event.


            I think some of the dates are off. There are two STAW events on 12/3/2016 and 14/3/2016 is a Monday.

            Can you add the Star Wars Armada event for the month of March.


              Updated again – 15/03/16


                Updated 27/05/16

                We have some free slots for events in August, November and December so if anybody is interested in running an event on those dates then please let me know


                  Updated 06/07/16

                  We still have a free slot available in August if anyone would like to arrange anything, plenty of other dates after that as well of course

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