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      Hi everyone,

      I used to attend the club last year, mostly playing Warhammer Fantasy, but due to lots of reasons I had to give up the hobby and sell my Warriors of Chaos army….

      Well now I’m looking to return and get a game or two under my belt. I got lucky on Ebay and it turns out I’ve got a decent sized Dark Elves army painted up and ready to lose to any Fantasy players (I’m not the best tactician).

      I did have a question for the local Fantasy players, however. How many people are playing regularly each week and with what kind of armies etc? I certainly remember there being Ogres and Tomb Kings. It’d be great if there was a core group where I could get regular games!

      Hopefully I’ll see you in the next few weeks! Cheers chaps! 🙂



       Carl Newbould 


      We have a mix of playera with a mix of armies. 2-4 people who play wh fantasy fairly regularly. They play Tomb kings, Orcs, ogres, dwarfs and dark elves so lots of potential for a nice variety!

      I read your other post about lizards or warriors of chaos. I always go for what looks coolest!

      Look forward to seeing you soon 🙂


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