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     Benjamin Collins 

      Hey all,

      The UK FFG National Championships are happening in Liverpool 15-17 Sep. Any one fancy it?

      The 15th is Destiny, Armada, Imperial Assault and Star Wars LCG.

      The 16th is X-Wing, Netrunner and Game of Thrones.

      The 17th Top cut from the 16th and side games.

      Each game system costs £25. If a few of us fancy it then we could combine for cheaper hotels etc.

      I’m not going to be at the Club tomorrow, 5th July, but reply to this thread or chat to me next week about it. I fancy IA and X-Wing, so going to look into hotels today/tomorrow.

       Andy R 

        I’m in for Armada and so probably is Alex J. The Armada final cut is on 16th.

         Benjamin Collins 

          Cool, been looking at hotels and it all looks a touch on the pricey side. But if there are a couple of us then maybe all at Airbnb. If you see anything interesting then post it on here and we can look into it.

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