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      I dont know how much this will interest a lot of you, and some of you are already bored of hearing me talking about it :) , but Ive been working the last month or two on a series of prototypes for a folding gaming table so that if Im gaming at home I dont have to bother getting out my bendy board and an additional table for it. Anyway, here are the results of my latest effort…


        It would appear that the new forum has stripped out the attached images :-(


          Trying again


            Looks like a good idea. Any plans for a larger version (one to cover 4 x 4 games would be nice)?


              Not for my own personal use but I could potentially make one if someone was interested, any bigger than that would be a bit more of a challenge though as it would require altering a lot of the dimensions


                Looks great how much would you be looking for if you were to produce?


                  They take quite a few hours to do at the moment so even though I enjoy doing them it would be tricky to find the time to spare to make more than an odd one or two. I’ll send you a message though Martin


                    I decided to cover the top of the table in some old Star Wars wallpaper :-)

                    *** Update – should now have the pictures

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