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      While eating at the club last Wednesday a couple of people said they were looking at Frostgrave (Bennett, Ben, iirc).

      One of the Youtube channels I like has a series of learning games and battle reports on it which you might find useful –


        So who’s going to play it, how many models will it need, how likely am I to find that the cool models I bought don’t make a decent team, and (taking all that in to account) how much will it cost?

        Obviously, I jest… well, apart from the first and last bit…


          I’m in for Frostgrave. I can use the same warband for Open Comabt which I should have soon as well.

          Jaaon – you can use any models you want for it, plus you build the warband yourself, from a big list. I’ll probably just use my Ogre models to get going.


            I’ve just been talking to John, one of the Guppies regulars from the downstairs, at the back rooms (who just happens to work with me). He really likes the game and pointed out that any models can be used. I’ve got a tonne of stuff from the original Bones Kickstarter which are apparently ideal.

            And at 10 quid for the rules, what’s not to like!

              Enginseer wrote:
              Jaaon – you can use any models you want for it, plus you build the warband yourself, from a big list. I’ll probably just use my Ogre models to get going.

              Sorry, I’m a slow typist…


                You can only have 10 models max in your warband.

                Guess who has spent all afternoon looking at Frostgrave models rather than preparing for a presentation on Monday….

                Got half an eye on my OGAM force to double up in Frostgrave, so my warband may end up with a Greek theme.


                  Might have to get the rule book then, so I can see what is possible.


                    Rule book has arrived, great looking book. I had already read the rules a couple of times on PDF.

                    Looking forward to starting my warband now, just to narrow down my choices…


                      Read some of the rules myself and watched a couple of those videos mentioned above. Really like the sound of it, and it turns out I could form a warband mostly from Reaper Bones models I have (although there are no crossbows :( )

                      Sounds best as a campaign.


                        A useful figure resource is the dice bag lady:



                          Kit bashed 4 thugs, and infantryman and an archer to be generically “evil” looking members of a warband:



                            Looks good. What are you going to do for archers and crossbowmen?


                              The one of the left is an archer, just going to take that one for a kick off and see how it goes.


                                I can’t seem to find a clear answer to this, maybe i’ve missed it with my quick skim through the book, but are base sizes important and set for specific units?

                                I’m guessing 25mm for standard stuff, 30mm for Wizards and apprentices and 40mm for anything that is big and deserves it?


                                  Talked about this with Ben last night, and it doesn’t seem to be specifically mentioned.

                                  He’s putting the troops on 25mm GW-style bases and the wizards on bigger bases. Bennett appears to be using the standard Malifaux-style bases. I was considering the round-edge bases too, probably same thing of troops on the smallest and wizards on the next ones up. But those bases are naturally larger than GW I think?

                                  Demons may go on the biggest size because they’re, well, demons. Without that their wings make them fall over…

                                  Would it make much difference (mathematically I mean)? Everyone starts on the same line, so moving forwards I assume you’d all take the same number of moves to travel exactly the same distance, and the same to escape off the table with your plunder. But I suppose it could affect anything coming at you from any other direction. Maybe area of effect spells would gain an advantage?

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