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      Very nice!

      Managed a game with Chris last night and thought it was really good fun. Even with a very limited knowledge of the rules and much referring to the rulebook it wasn’t difficult to get through (and didn’t leave me feeling I must have forgotten at least half of my warband’s rules!)

      Archers rule!


        Had a game with Bennett this week, and it was good. Fun game, flows really well.

        If anyone is in two minds about it, you can get the rulebook for £10 on eBay and if you’re frugal you can build a war band for very little money. The Rulebook is excellent too, it’s the best rulebook i’ve ever read in terms of clarity.

        Bennett – could you share links to the scenery you mentioned on Wednesday?


          I think it might be these ones:

          Really good deal on a damaged village which I think I’ll be going for just to paint up:

          And I just love the stuff from tabletop-world:


            I have got the damaged set on the way and a few buildings also from table top world.

            I think its the best terrain I have seen in a very long while…



              I would like to give this a go (after all I’ve tried x wing and saga this year already on top of Kings of War and Malifaux!)

              Is there anyone willing to give me an intro game next Wed? I can bring saga Vikings as my crew :-/ ?



                Hey Carl. Myself and Jason have already sorted a game for this week (Shattered Earth) and I think Bennett is busy. Myself and Bennett did tentatively arrange a game on the 23rd though, so want to get in on that?


                  Hi Carl

                  I’ve not a game planned this week as I’m doing money. But you’re normally here a bit later arent you? So I could give you a game if you want?



                    Hi Ben,

                    I am normally a little late. I will take you up on the offer.




                      Finished the first half of my warband.


                        Looking good. I’d better get started with the painting. All I managed this weekend was this lot, although it’s difficult to fit them in to the Frostgrave universe. In fact, it’s difficult to justify why I painted them at all when I have so much requiring attention for actually gaming with…



                          Nice, those the Hasslefree models?

                            Enginseer wrote:
                            Nice, those the Hasslefree models?

                            Yeah. I picked them up a while ago just in case they got a ‘cease and desist’ at some point. Thought they might be useful for Zombicide, though since then I’ve remembered All Things Zombie might be a good set of rules for a tabletop game using them as ‘before and after’ minis. I especially like how Velma decided to change her look post-apocalypse:


                              Element are selling Frostgrave stuff now;

                              Although you can use any miniatures you like, £5.40 for a Wizard and an Apprentice is a super cheap way of getting into the game.



                                More of the Vampire warband done, L-R Crossbow/archer, Barbarian, Wizard, Thief.


                                  Nice, but won’t she be a bit cold in the frozen city ;) ?

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