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      She’s a vampire, undead don’t feel the cold.


        Looking great.

        My Ragnorak Games order turned up recently with some of the Hell Dorado minis (they’re really nice). Hoping to get some real painting time for this and some Faux minis.


          I’ve just got my apprentice to finish, hopefully before Daffcon Frostgrave tournament on Friday.

          I’ve got the Open Combat rulebook now as well, Frostgrave crews should work fine with it. Not had a good chance to read the rulebook yet.



            These would make a real old skool war band.


              Very cool


                I’ll probably never buy any, but they are great, the weirder and wackier, I have a soft spot for that old style GW-Lovecraftian dope.


                  Some great stuff there.

                  Element have started stocking the TableTop World scenery.

                  It’s pricy, but I was really impressed with the stuff Bennett brought in.

                  Element also now have the full range of Frostgrave stuff too. I’m not the biggest fan of the minis, but, they’re cheap and more than good enough;


                    Finished my warband ahead of Daffcon last week:


                    Got 4 games of Frostgrave in on Friday. Sam won the event and finished 2nd (of 8 players). Terrain was pretty light so missile troops were super powerful (ranged combat is way more powerful anyway in Frostgrave), and spell like Leap (which I took and improved down to cast on a 7…), and Telekinesis (which Sam took) are stupid powerful.

                    In fact of all the spells I cast, I cast Leap almost all the time, Bone Dart a few times. Every other spell on my wizard I never bothered with.

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