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      After the recent demos at the club by Travelling Man a few of us have decided to give the game a go so here is a new category just for Guild Ball discussions. We also have a club demo set of Butchers and Fishermen, that I am currently in the process of painting, and we will have a pitch mat available to play it on as well. If anyone is interested in trying it out then hopefully there should be plenty of chances for demo games

      *** UPDATE – July 2016 ***

      We have dedicated Facebook and WhatsApp groups for local Guild Ball players. If anyone wants adding to the Whatsapp group then just let me know, click here for the Facebook group


        Hi Gray! I am about to start playing guild ball. Because eventually i will start playing in tournaments afyer a while i want to ask something. In the organised play events, you need 9 models or up to 9?


          Hi Dimitrios,
          In organised play for most tournaments you currently need 8 models (however only 6 get to play) these are arranged as follows:
          1 x Team Captain
          1 x Team Mascot
          6 x Players, of which you would choose 4 to play in the game

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