Help Required – 6×4 boards to paint!

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      As a lot of you may have spotted we conducted a bit of an audit on all our gaming boards last week and there are a lot of them that either need some attention. The 4×4 and 3×3 boards will be sorted at a later date so for now its just the 6×4 boards that we need to sort at the moment. If you look at the attached picture you can see what we currently have, the main ones I would like us to look at first are C1, C4, C7, C9, C11, C14 and C15. Once these ones are dealt with then we can look at painting up some of the sides that are currently “plain”, this is very much just round 1 at the moment and a lot of work is likely to be needed over the coming months to get everything fit for purpose.

      So, Im looking for some volunteers please to help me on Wednesday August 24th. Personally I have no experience at all of painting 6×4 boards so Im very much open to suggestions for how to tackle this, the plan Im thinking of at the moment is to get a few people to tackle C9, C11, C14 and C15 as these are all Space boards, I suspect in most cases they may need a repaint. Separate to this another group could tackle the other ones, C1, C4 and C7, as each of these need at least one side fully painting.

      If anyone who is interested in helping can let me know in this thread please and whether or not you would prefer to paint the Space sides or the other ones (what we actually end up painting the other sides is open to discussion). I can then get things organised appropriately and I will make sure we have adequate paint, brushes, etc provided (I will likely need some guidance on what to actually purchase though). Anyone participating in this will of course not have to pay there usual £5 fee for the evening.


        I’m happy to help, although I’m away for a couple of weeks so I don’t think I’ll be able to do that Wednesday. I’ll pick up the remainder afterwards.

        I’d prefer to do the non space boards as I’m not a planet artist. They could do with a bit of texture, but nothing like some of them have now that can make them hard to play on.


          Thanks Jason, yeah there will certainly be plenty of other opportunities to help with all this


            I can be there to help

              benwagner1988 wrote:
              I can be there to help

              You dont count! :P


                Date has now been changed to Wednesday 24th


                  I could chip in providing I’m not moving house that week, as it will be any day soon. I’m not particularly skilled when it comes to boards (the only one I’ve ever done was a realm of battle board when i was gw staff) but I’m happy to be given a brush and directed by someone who knows what they’re doing :-)



                    Just thought Id post a quick reminder about this, next week will be 6×4 board painting and we could probably still do with a few more volunteers if possible please


                      I do find the textured boards wear out the STAW movement templates quickly and chip the paint off my lead models whenthey fall over.. I prefer the felt cloths to wargame on. If we could have green, brown and black I think would be better than painting or textured surfaces


                        Im going to have to cancel the board painting for this week as Im not sure if I will be able to attend myself, thanks very much to all those who offered to help though. Its still very much a project that we as a club do need to do so I will get some arranged again in the near future, thanks again :)

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