Horizon Wars – New rule set by one of our own

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      Old timer club members will remember our former club leader and all round good bloke Robey Jenkins. Well, Robey is soon going to have his first game published by Osprey: Horizon Wars. You can pre-order now on Amazon:


      It’s a 6mm sci-fi combined arms game (troops, mechs, tanks, aircraft). You can assemble a force very easily and cheaply at this scale, as I’ve got some of the EM4 produced mechs Robey uses in the book and you can literally assemble a small force for £3 using the EM4 mechs.

      Sounds be interesting, I expect I may well pick up the rules when they come out.


        Where can you get the models from fella?



          The mechs and aircraft as the bottom of that page are the ones I have. You can use any 6mm models though from any range.


            Cheers Chris,

            I shall be getting this, gonna see if maybe we can get an early set of rules. ;)


              6mm models? I’ll need an electron microscope to see those men to paint. I think the silver army of mech might be mine :)


                Hi, guys! Horizon Wars was born at the Garrison. You get a name-check in the acknowledgements, too!

                Feel free to ask any questions your might have.




                  Good luck with it Robey.

                  How well would 40K Epic models translate into this system? I’d likely need to source suitable mechs, but stuff like infantry, Rhinos, etc, would they work?


                    The game works fine with all Epic models. You may like to put tanks and other vehicles on bases, but it’s not mandatory.

                    The knight titans are fine for regular mechs. Meanwhile, Warhounds and larger titans aren’t covered by the core rulebook. But I’ll be releasing a free expansion for super-heavy elements including mega-walkers.



                      Hi guys, just got my copy of these rules and it does look interesting. Am just testing the water to see if anyone else is going to give them a shot as I do not already have miniatures suitable but could purchase if its worthwhile. Also need to double check the scale to be played, I know 6mm has been mentioned (understandably given the suitability for epic) but 10mm is also a possibility with some nice minis available (can’t see anyone going for 2mm, but who knows). To me these rules look like they could provide fast moving fun games that would suit club nights and not require a second mortgage to finance which makes them pretty appealing to me, would be interested to see if anyone feels the same way.


                        I’ve not picked up the rules yet, but I will at some point.

                        I’ll be playing in 6mm since I already have a fully painted army at that scale.


                          I encourage anyone interested in the game to join the Horizon Wars Facebook page. It’s the best place to get beta-test material, rules answers and to see what minis others are using. I’m really thrilled with how inventive people are being, minis-wise.



                            I am keen on playing – will order the rules
                            I have epic 40k, what other manufacturers are recommended


                              Too many to list all of them, but the rulebook does include a list of suggested manufacturers. The one I love most is EM4 Miniatures, who make a box of five plastic mech’s for under £3.00.

                              Just do a Google search for “6mm science fiction”, though. You’ll get lots of options and the rules are written to accommodate most of them.



                                I got EM4 Miniatures Spacecraft Ref: SFP8 http://www.em4miniatures.com/acatalog/Science_Fiction.html
                                12 different aircraft so please with these, silver does tend to be a good paint job


                                  What we have discovered so far…

                                  A few players at the club have been playing the game over the last few months.
                                  The rules are simple to learn but have a lot of depth
                                  The type of model doesn’t matter very much as the rules reduce the abilities to Fire, Move, Armour and Defence.
                                  You have the ability to create unique Mechs or Conventional forces by increasing stats or adding upgrades
                                  The rules allow for missions and still being developed
                                  You don’t need to buy expensive models 6-10mm infantry/tanks and Mechs of up to 40mm, it doesn’t matter under these open rules.
                                  It has an with an interesting D12 mechanic which is used for shooting and defense.
                                  We have only scratched the surface of the rules, yet to try aircraft or specialised missions

                                  Join us whenever for command of a mech.


                                  Shoot first and ask questions later

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