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      Glad you’re enjoying it, guys. Did you know there’s a load of supplements available to download from my website, now?



        We tried the super heavy mechs supplement for fun, loads of dice and bits falling off mechs.

        Last Wednesday we added a scratch built command centre objective and aircraft which does add an extra dimension to the game. Can’t say we piloted them well, had to make the decision of taking all the damage to explode in mid air or loss of movement to smash into the ground. Aircraft are fragile.

        Next game is to expand on this and look at different missions


          Aircraft are, indeed, fragile. Don’t try to use them like other elements. When you add an aircraft to your army, it should have a specific mission or purpose to achieve, do it, then get out of Dodge.

          Have you tried the New Adventures supplement, yet?


            Another 4 player game tonight. A table of hazardous terrain (dense jungle) with a forward firing base (like in Vietnam) with light infantry and light artillery. It is under threat and needs reinforcing by rotary transports – yep Huey helicopters but look like Epic 40k thunderhawks. Meanwhile on the other flank the armoured units and mechs were trading punches along a road most of the game. An aircraft battle ensued with mechs firing AA and brave low level fighters having a go at anything, quite a few aircraft didn’t make it back. The fire base was successfully reinforced and now a jump off point.

            The next game (using Force Cost) will be a planned mission so players will know the battlefield and design armies to suit it as we keep using our favourite heavies.

            Maybe after that we will try an Adventure, it takes few reads to understand Adventure rules. I like the concept of battle-group disposition and how they can delay certain elements entering the battle.
            People are bringing all sorts of new and old models to use, plenty variety out there and it is a great part of the rule design – anything goes.


              If you haven’t already, read Dave Knowles’s battle reports on the HW Facebook page. They’re a great illustration of how to apply the New Adventures rules (which are much better than the somewhat flawed Adventures rules in the main rulebook).



                I organised a 2 player mission yesterday. Each player had to go for the same objective and had 2 secondary objectives which included clearing a LZ for an AB Inf drop, defending some ruins, escorting a specialist to collect tech from a destroyed mech and planting demolitions on a bridge. There was confusion with planting explosives and detonating, the keen infantry element didn’t wait for enemy to use the bridge and decided “lets blow it up”.
                The mission briefing mentioned unfavourable terrain for Hvy Cav & Armd Art (could use antigrav upgrades) and mobility was the key.
                Well, we had plenty of AB Inf, Mob Inf, Mechs with Drop Harnesses and one mech with Jet packs – not a tank is sight. Great use of different troops and a mystery of what the other player was doing.

                Next game will be an Adventure so I will read up on Dave Knowles’s battle reports – thanks for the tip

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