Introducing the X-Wing Compendium

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     John Baldock 

      I’ve been working on a Windows application that acts as a visual squad builder, an info database, a collection manager and a quiz. While it is not finished, it’s rough around the edges and I also have a lot of plans for it, it is good enough to release as I use it all the time. Below are some pics of what it looks like:

      Squad Builder
      Card Info
      Upgrade Search
      Pilot Search

      All the text on the upgrade and pilot cards is up to date as of the FAQ v432 as is the info when you click on the ? button the cards. I altered all the upgrade cards in photoshop to make the text area larger and used font settings so that it is easier to read on screen. The number you see on the cards is how many are in your collection. To add a card to your collection just press the + button, to remove one press -.

      I plan to update this with every new FAQ. However I cannot guarantee that I will since I have M.E. (Chronic Fatigue) and so I work slowly and only when I have the energy.

      The application is coded in C# and uses .NET 4.5.2. It should work with modern windows machines, but if it doesn’t you can download .NET 4.5.2 from Microsoft.

      Download the X-Wing Compendium (to download click the arrow at the top right of the page). Once downloaded just extract it and run X-Wing Compendium.exe. Adding a fancy installer is on my, long way away, todo list. 😉

       Tom C 

      Looks interesting John. To be fair, you had me at quiz!

       John Baldock 

        I keep doing the maneuver quiz, it will be nice to know them all by heart. 🙂

         Lee Mayhew 

        I’ll give that a whirl although with my tendency towards tinkering I feel it’s just a plot between you and FF to entice me to buy more things.

        “It’s a trap!”

         Benjamin Collins 

          Good work dude. I’ll give it download now and have a play, it’s not like i’m at work or anything! 🙂

          And yes Tom, quiz is always a win!

           Lee Mayhew 

          You have way too much time on your hands!

          Good stuff and for me very interesting to see ALL THOSE upgrades, oh my. My wallet is hiding behind a bookcase, sobbing.

          It died on me though while I was faffing about. If it does it consistently I’ll let you know

           John Baldock 

            One thing I have a lot of is time. 😉

            It’s pretty stable on my end but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some bugs left in. If you do find a bug posting about it would be great, especially if you know what you did before when it happened.

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