July 9th – 40k Random Doubles Tournament

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      I will be running a 40k Random Doubles tournament on the 9th of July, we ran one of these a few years back and it was great fun. Here’s the basic gist;

      Here’s the rules pack, if there is anything I’ve missed or any questions, just ask.

      Rules pack here: https://docs.google.com/a/yorkgarrison.co.uk/document/d/1b9fFdDSmHDiOWNrGckOF8oLYGdraWx_wVC8fWpVl7IU/edit?usp=sharing

      If your interested purchase a ticket!


      List of those who have expressed interest:

      1. Jacob (Marines)
      2. Dan (Eldar)
      3. Gray (‘Nids or Necrons)
      4. Ash (Asta Militarum or Chaos Space Marines)
      5. Andy (Chaos Daemons)
      6. Richard (Tau or Grey Knights)
      7. Patrick (Chaos Daemons)
      8. James (Blood Angels or Eldar)
      9. Tom (Imperial Guard)
      10. Chris (Grey Knights)
      11. Julian (Tau or Space Marines)
      12. Isaac (Necrons or Chaos Space Marines)
      13. Greg (Dark Angels)
      14. Luke (Ad-Mech)
      15. Leo
      16. Issac (Tau)


        I’m in! 1000pts would be nice. At 750 it feels like half of your army is just satisfying troop/mandatory formation slots.

        1K is perhaps just big enough to sneak some toys in.

        I’ll likely play Eldar.


          I’ll play, not sure whether it will be ‘Nids or Necrons though. How about 900 points each? Doesnt make that much difference for each individual person but bringing the overall point total down 1o 1800 should help the games flow a bit quicker


            I’d be interested in that!

            I’ll either play Imperial Guard or Chaos Marines


              Then event sounds great I would love to join in I play Tau and this year just started Grey Knights

              The 900-1000 pts sound good


                Sign me up. Chaos Daemons please. Don’t worry, no Grimoire or screamer star.

                900 points would be fine.

                I know you said no comp but some of the formations can be very over powered and are of course not open to all. A suggestion could be to just use a single Ally contingent for each player so 1 HQ, 1-2 troops, 0-1 Elite, 0-1 Fast Attack and 0-1 Heavy Support. This would balance forces and stop min/maxing.


                  One Ally contingent is an interesting idea, it would balance it heavily, though it is restricting. I would be for it but id be interested in hearing what others think of the idea


                    Im definitely down for this.
                    I’ll be playing daemons. Thanks

                    I have a friend who is willing to join, named James Fox
                    He would be playing Eldar or Blood Angels.

                    I have potentially 2 more but im awaiting answers.


                      I have the 2 others i was talking about.

                      Tom, Imperial Guard

                      Chris, Grey Knights


                        I better put my name down …
                        either Tau or SMs


                        Ps both using previous versions of codex ….


                          Im down

                          Isaac: necrons/ chaos


                            Could you put Greg & Luke Down for it please

                            Mr Richardson has suggested some other restrictions which I wholeheartedly agree on

                            We should all go down the 1 codex CAD route but 0-1 on Elite Fast and Heavy seems a bit austere maybe 0-2 but definitely only 1 HQ & 2 Troop is achievable by everyone as far as I know

                            By the way if you don’t restrict it I’d turn up with my Ravenwing Strike Force and skanky Speeder formation with stealth Shrouded 2+2+ jink Interceptor Ravenshield (supporting fire) & BS2 overwatch

                            I believe Luke could shoehorn a decurion + Kynoptek harvest into 900-1000

                            SM could field the Psychic conclave or Skyhammer Annihilation Force + numerous other formations

                            Grey Knights could ally in drop pods for purifiers for cleansing flame wipe out

                            Tau could have Interceptor drone formation Stealth Cadre

                            & then we have Lords of War etc etc the list is seemingly endless


                            Some sensible CAD limits would be best all round :)

                            Re Captain Chaos’s comment
                            We have the current SM codex so I can fetch it and apart from a few changes to stat lines (such as scouts & Dreads) + cheaper points totals for units its similar enough + Tau book hasn’t changed points or stat wise so is still valid its just all the new formations & structure that has appeared and if were doing CAD its irrelevant

                            Also to consider is Warlords / Warlord Traits
                            Missions – Eternal War or Maelstrom or a combo of both – the only issue with combined is it can get complicated if your not used to playing that way

                            I prefer Maelstrom just to nail my colours to the mast but am happy enough to go with the flow

                            Secondaries – we’ve tried a few different systems out there’s one where you choose 3 from a list another replaces first blood with 1st strike (kill a unit in the 1st turn) which is achievable by both sides.

                            We could do 1 EW 1 Maelstrom 1 custom ?


                              Hi All,

                              Tickets are live! http://www.yorkgarrison.co.uk/index.php/ygshop/product/view/1/14 Please remember to buy and pay for a ticket or your place isn’t guaranteed.




                                Many of you may have tried to download the rules pack, getting a message asking for permission to open the file, Hopefully ben seeing this will fix that, but thats for anyone trying to open it.


                                  Ben has updated the original post with a link to the rules pack.

                                  Jacob, a clarification if I may good sir!

                                  “No more than 2 of any one unit, excluding dedicated transports *”

                                  Does this also apply to formations that have a mandatory requirement of 3+ of a specific thing? for example, my Raven Guard Pinion company requires 3 Tactical squads, as do Demis, Lion Blades, etc.

                                  Personally fine if we’re keeping the rule and those formations are illegal, just need it clarifying for list building.

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