July 9th – 40k Random Doubles Tournament

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      Rules look good and mission 3 will be a blood bath lol
      I think I’ve paid and will now spend the next month and a half trying to choose a list :blink:


        Yes it will make those formations illegal, another case of a restriction for broken stuff affecting a lot less broken stuff


          This still allows me to take the Ravenwing strike force as long as I don’t have more than 2 identical units so 2 HQ’s 2 speeders etc?

          So that would apply to the Deathwing version & the GK nemesis SF?

          Just looking for clarification :) I may fetch a Cad anyways but have plenty of variety for a 900 point strike force if it’s allowed,

          Do we get our Warlord traits?


            The last time we ran this type of event, each person had a warlord and a trait so 2 traits per side but they only effected your own 900 point force. This also meant there were 2 slay the warlord VPs per side too.


              For warlord traits, we will use the way Andy has described, that is something I overlooked originally. I will add an FAQ to the main post over the next couple of days.

              As for the strike force, if it doesn’t go against any restrictions laid out its fine, you won’t be able to take anything that isn’t in the strike force (assuming it is a formation) and won’t be able to get a 2+ re-rollable cover.


                The Ravenwing & Deathwing Strike forces while giving the odd buff are primarily replacing the Take Sammael as warlord and get your bikes as troops that was seen in the previous codex or take Belial etc for the Deathwing + they lost Obj-Sec so there technically worse (Ravenwing Buff not withstanding).

                The Grey Knight version of the SF is basically the only way of running them effectively the buff being rolling for reserves 1st turn

                Do you want to add the moving terrain Psychic power alongside Invisibility, for comp purposes moving buildings around seems a bit unmanageable?


                  Oh and if there’s an odd number I’m happy to stand down for 1 out of the 3 games rather than have someone miss out completely.


                    There is a contingency for numbers in the pack, so you won’t need to stand out of any rounds.

                    The new building movement power, which I’ve tried a fair bit of recently, isn’t overpowered and rather creates some really interesting tactical scenarios. I see no problem with it atm, I will continue using it and if it’s stronger than I expected I’ll look into it, but for now it seems fine.


                      Can you sign me up please


                        Hi could you put Issac down as well please, I’ll sort out ticket buying


                        Greg – Dark Angels
                        Luke – Ad-Mech
                        Issac – Tau

                        As an aside we tried the 1st mission with Dark Angel + Grey Knight Force v The Ad-Mech + Tau

                        The game was very even with some bad dice rolls and poor decision making from from me swinging it in the Ad-Mech Tau favour with a 12 – 8 win on T7, will give the other missions a go with some different armies but the format looks as though it will produce a fairly close set of matches.

                        We applied Warlord Traits only to the the Force it was attached too and treat all forces as allies of convenience, only thing we did share was the Psychic dice pool


                          Just to confirm folks, you will need to purchase tickets in order to be signed up for the event. We cant reserve places for people. There are plenty of tickets still available though


                            Thanks for the reminder Gray. Ticket bought.

                            Won’t be playing Eldar, those beasties have been sold to a Spaniard, never to be seen again on UK soil. So it’ll be my Raven Guard, or, if I were one to believe in fate i’d almost bring all the Chaos Space Marines that I own, as I have EXACTLY 900 points. Thanks, Tzeentch.


                              Remember to buy your tickets, we have only had 5 tickets purchased so far. As Gray said, spaces can’t be reserved though there are still plenty of tickets available.


                                Suggested rules addition, all armies benefit from; Preferred Enemy (Last Person to Pay)


                                  Bought 2 tickets for myself and Mr Brilly.

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