July 9th – 40k Random Doubles Tournament

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      We are now up to 10 tickets bought, there is still a good number of people who registered interest who haven’t bought tickets so make sure to get them bought!


        Thanks all again for coming, we had 15 people which was a great turnout!

        As for the final results they are:

        1.Dominic Da Silva; 60TP’s 67VP’s
        2.Jacob Dyer (Standin); 60TP’s 62VP’s
        3.Andy Richardson; 47TP’s 43VP’s
        4.Dan Wartnaby; 46TP’s 38VP’s
        5.Greg Kay; 45TP’s 37VP’s
        6.Patrick Roberts; 40TP’s 35VP’s
        7.Richard Dale; 38TP’s 35VP’s
        8.Julian Roberts; 26TP’s 26VP’s
        9.Leo Wilson; 23TP’s 17VP’s
        10.Will Jones; 20TP’s 26VP’s
        11.Sam Pheby-McGarvey; 20TP’s 22VP’s
        12.Richard Abbot; 18TP’s 17VP’s
        13.James Fox; 15TP’s 21VP’s
        14.Alan Brilly; 12TP’s 16VP’s
        15.Luke Kay; 8TP’s 15VP’s
        16.Dan Jones; 2TP’s 15 VP’s

        So for awards, the top three are:
        1st – Dominic Da Silva
        2nd – Andy Richardson
        3rd – Dan Wartanby

        Most Sporting goes to:
        Richard Abbot

        and the wooden spoon goes do:
        Dan Jones

        Prizes and certificates will be sorted soon


          Cheers for organising this Jacob, it was a fun day.

          Happy with 4th. We called our third game early as the outcome was clear (sorry again Julian!), but if we’d have pressed on I *think* I could have snatched 3rd place from Andy.


            Sounds like it was a really good tournament, well done Jacob for all the effort that went into making this happen


              Well that was fun

              Many thanks for organizing the event it couldn’t have gone smoother

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