Just how much do I want to kill Poe

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     Lee Mayhew 

      That would be SO SO much!

      Great game vs Barry’s Rebels.

      Blackout in a Tie Silencer, Howlrunner, Epsilon Ace and good old 16 Black Squadron.

      Bloody big head Dameron, Norra in an Arc and Ezra in the new Phantom.

      16 put the evil eye on Ezra as 16 had suffered a slight in the past, similar to Pai Mei in Kill Bill 2.

      Didn’t do 16 much good as he got splattered despite extra hull, Howlrunner had already bitten the dust by now, must curb my enthusiasm (as the TV show says)

      Arc got whittled down a bit and then got taken out by the ever weakening Silencer. Lando had been dishing out evades like confetti but this time he gave 2 focus tokens which were of no use whatsoever ­čÖé

      Towards the end I had Silencer on 1 hull, Epsilon on 1 hull but with low hull Ezra in the sights and that was the end of Ezra.

      In a brave (impetuous) glory charge the Silencer skipped over an asteroid to try to close on the undamaged “Look at me , aren’t I gorgeous” and misjudged a rocky outcrop. Matching its name, the Silencer cartwheeled off into the void in eerie silence, apart from the General who sobbed at the loss of his prize craft.

      Cat and mouse followed with Poo Dameron chasing Epsilon Ace through the asteroid field and, despite Epsilon barrel rolling like it was going out of fashion, eventually caught up and the last of the brave Imperial pilots perished.


      I forget which ship did this but Baz’s first roll was 3 crits and a bit later 3 evades when he was going to get some pain. Spawny fellow is a polite description ­čÖé


      I was quite pleased with my list as for once I┬áhad actually thought a bit about it , better piloting would have helped and I failed in my responsibility┬áof “Duty of Care” towards Howlrunner but there we go.

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       Tom C 

      I love these reports, and also Poo Dameron

       Lee Mayhew 

        If the opportunity arises again then No. 16 will consider that Dameron has A Debt To Pay.

        Just can’t let him swan around as if he owns the place.

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