Kill Team Campaign – All Welcome.

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     Dan Wartnaby 

      Recreating this thread so I can get notifications and keep updates concise in the main post.

      We’re running a Kill Team campaign that is scaling into 40K Escalation.

      The first two mission packs are up and ready to be played. If you’ve yet to take part and would like to then let me know and i’ll set something up, it’s absolutely fine to start with the first mission set and catchup, or jump straight into the next round. The campaign has catchup mechanics and custom narrative as well as custom missions, looting and a few other surprises.

      Mission Packs


      So far we’ve seen the Deathwatch, the Tau, the Imperial Guard and a wayward Shattered Legion from the days of old fight for Carcere’s secrets.

      The next instalment is due on the 12th of April.

      As always, anyone is welcome.


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       andy brooks 

        Ork player Anthony is unable to meet this week so i am free for a kill team senario if there is one going.

        Guard is what i am.


         Dan Wartnaby 

          Hey Andy, games tend to get booked up a few days to a week before. Are you looking to take part next week? If so i’ll try and sort a game for you.

           Dan Wartnaby 
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