Kill Team -> Escalation campaign.

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      [attachment=691]Carcere Campaign v1.1.pdf[/attachment]

      Hey all,

      As Games Workshop just refreshed the Kill Team rules, I thought i’d post this to gage interest in a campaign that starts with Kill Team, and progresses into standard 40K.

      The idea is for a narrative-driven campaign that expands your force using resources acquired through Kill Team operations, and then into smaller 40K games leading to standard 1850 by the end. It’ll be perhaps a game or two a month, casual, and will run for as long as we need it to. If you only attend Saturday sessions, that’s fine – we’ll cover both.

      I’d likely start towards the end of the year if there’s enough interest. Six to eight players would be great, more would be fine. 30K players are welcome to join in, and we’ll weave that into the narrative… in-fact we might not have to do much, if the rumours of 40K’s story progression are true ;)

      So, right now, just looking for people to show interest and put their names forward.

      Potential Players:
      [li]Dan (Death Watch)[/li]
      [li]Sam (Guard)[/li]
      [li]Richard (It’ll be filth i’m sure)[/li]
      [li]Joe (Marines)[/li]
      [li]Graham A (Chaos? Death Watch maybe)[/li]
      [li]Ross (Tau)[/li]
      [li]Peter? (Muhreeens)[/li]
      [li]Martin (Genestealers)[/li]
      [li]Leo (Nids?)[/li]
      [li]Andy (Guard)[/li]



        Hey Dan
        This sounds really good defo sign me up :)



          Sounds loads of fun would love to get involved



            Nice one chaps, had some nice interest in this. It won’t start until after next month (as my time is really tight until November).

            I’ve updated the main post with a list of interested players.


              Id be interested in joining you guys if theres still space for another player


                Awesome Leo, added you.

                Planning on Nids? Wolves? Or are you tempted to build into the stealer cult? :P


                  Yup i’m in, the Guard are always in for a fight.. Lol.


                    Hey chaps,

                    First stab at the rules tweaks and campaign systems attached. No missions, those will come closer to the time.

                    Going to start the campaign on the 9th of November.

                    [attachment=672]Carcere Campaign v1.pdf[/attachment]

                    Any questions please let me know.

                    If anyone else would like to get involved please let me know!



                      Hey chaps,

                      Some of us are kicking this off tomorrow. Attached is the updated campaign with the first three missions and some tweaks to looting, as as well as a FAQ.

                      A reminder that you don’t need a specific night or to hit a specific date – post when you’re available and we’ll get some games sorted. It’s also absolutely fine to replay these with other people.

                      Shout if anything is unclear and see you tomorrow. I think we have two confirmed games – if anyone else is interested in the campaign and would like to join in, please let me know.

                      [attachment=691]Carcere Campaign v1.1.pdf[/attachment]



                        Cheers for the games the other night chaps, was very good fun. The campaign is off to a good start – if anyone wants to take part feel free to play the first mission set this month. Next round is tentatively scheduled for the 14th of December!


                          Hey chaps, going to fix the next round of this for the first week back in the new year. This week is likely my last at Garrison until then, and I’ve yet to finish writing up the next round.

                          I’ll check dates and post.

                           Dan Wartnaby 

                            Just updating this, can’t claim the original post after the forum update.

                            Mission set 1;

                            Mission set 2; 8th of February

                             Dan Wartnaby 

                              Mission set 2 has been added to the campaign Document:



                              Sam and Joe will play on the 15th. I’ll catch up with Richard to cover his games. Andy and Ben if you want to take part you’re welcome to do so, would recommend starting with the first set of missions and then doing the second set.

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