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      SOLD OUT!


        Well there goes my idea of buying a ticket for Bob (a non-real person) just so I didn’t come last


          You’ll be ok.
          I have 2 wooden spoons already, am going for the Mary Berry collection.


            The event is nearly here! It sold out and then some (an additional 2 tickets went out), which means there will be 18 of us. I will be drawing the first round at the sleigh bells event, and will do a home vs away system so people inside the club will get to play someone outside the club at least once. I apologise in advance for anyone who draws Darren Parkes.


              The draw had been done for round one;

              John Hoyland V Nick Williams
              James Mitchel V Darren Parkes
              Dave Ford V Elliot Morish
              Nicholas Carpenter V Matthew Hobday
              Paul Brown V Jonathan Luke
              Alan Prat V Ryan Mewis
              Lee Mayhew V Darren Lamb
              James Carpenter V Richard Heath
              Adam Beaumont V Steven Pearson


                Oh dear. I do hope there’s something for the best York player.

                  Myriad wrote:
                  Oh dear. I do hope there’s something for the best York player.

                  I have considered it. Im not sure though, after all the raffle is free for all no matter what place you land in.



                    Local prizes for local folk!


                      But I had a grudge match arranged against Bob (a non-real person)!

                      Oh, well never-mind I’m sure Elliot Morish will be a worthy opponent. I hear he’s quite good….

                       Steven Pearson 

                        So, not long till this event, and I’m looking forward to a trip up to York with my Goblin horde. Only not 100% sure how many I need to bring. Can’t seem to find the pack for this (links in this thread are not showing up).

                        I’m assuming 2000 points.


                         Carl Newbould 

                          Hello all,

                          The tournament pack has disappeard since the new site was launched. I will put it up tonight. There is one change I will note now which is the control scenario will only allow 1 point for holding the opponents centre. This is to ensure all scenarios have a maximum of 6 points available.

                          @Steven Pearson yes it’s 2000 points, no war machine, monster or hero may be repeated more than 3 times in the list.



                           David Ford 

                            Carl, thank you for an excellent tournament. Congratulations too to our local heroes Nicholas Carpenter and Alan Pratt for coming 1st and 3rd respectfully.


                              Well done Nicholas Carpenter, nice job.

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