Kings of War Mega Battle – Saturday 9th Sept

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     David Ford 

      This Saturday I’m ‘running’ a mega Kings of War battle between the forces of Good and Evil at York Garrison as part of the summer campaign. If you would enjoy a chilled out game of Kings of War then this is for you. The more who participate the better. A 3 vs 3 battle is my goal and would be great, a 4 v 4 epic!

      If we get an odd number of players, then some players will bring bigger armies to make up the points.

      I’m using the Edge of the Abyss book as a guide and trying to keep to the spirit of the multiplayer scenario.

      The armies will between 1000 and 2000 points depending on the players available. The book suggests 1000 points for each player but that seems a bit small for such a grandiose event. The final army sizes will be fixed at a later date, probably this Wednesday.

      Special Rules

      Each alliance can have no duplicates of living legends. This isn’t likely to happen, but worth noting.

      As a nod to the scenario rules having no duplication of magic items across each alliance, each army is only allowed magic items of 15 pts or less.

      No allies allowed, the other players in your alliance are your allies.

      The scenario will be Invade using the Clash of Kings rules.

      Those I know so far that will be joining…

      • Myself (Orcs) Evil
      • Alan (Abyssal Dwarves) Evil
      • Carl (Ogres or Basileans) Good

      I know others have expressed an interest, if you wish to join reply below with your name and chosen army or armies. Thanks…


       Adam Beaumont 

        I’ll be bring more orcs to add to the evil hordes

         David Ford 

          Thank you to James and Nicolas Carpenter for bringing us up to six players.

          Just a reminder for Saturday, there’s a 15-point magic item cap in place. So no magic items 20-points or higher allowed.

           David Ford 

            We are using 2000 point armies (faction pure, no allies, your team mates’ armies are your allies).


             David Ford 

              I’ve added a brief summary of the mega battle in my blog, link below:


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