KoW Summer Campaign – Edge of the Abyss

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     David Ford 

      Hi again,

      I’ve updated my blog with the latest campaign battles.

      Also Carl has written a detailed account of his game versus James Carpenter (Basileans vs. The Empire of Dust) on the beasts-of-war portal.


      Addition: In the past fortnight the forces of Good have prevailed in Mantica. But recently there has been a resurgence in the fortunes of Evil, with now the Forest of Galahir, Hokh-man, and the Edges of the Abyss dominated by the forces of Evil.

       David Ford 


        Thanks for all the support so far in making The Edge of the Abyss summer campaign possible.

        I’ve added week five’s battles to my blog, and my battle versus Nicholas and Alan’s battle versus Adam to the EotA warconsole.



         David Ford 
           David Ford 

            Gentlemen and Twilight Kin,

            After the four games played yesterday the Edge of the Abyss summer campaign is effectively finished for us at York Garrison. The battles will wage on for a few more days, but silence will descend albeit briefly upon Mantica as the sun sets on September, thus ending the Edge of the Abyss campaign.

            I’ve added the last updates to my summer campaign blog including details of this week’s four battles.


            A big thank you to Adam, Alan, Carl, Dave H., Issac, James C., James M., Nicholas, and Seb for taking part. I believe all you enjoyed yourselves as much as I did.



             Nicholas Carpenter 

              Thanks for helping organise us-I enjoyed the campaign and some of the new units, but I have to say that the scenarios were a big dissapointment, being basically rulebook scenarios with a few extra army-wide special rules, and half of them Kill scenarios.

              Just finished writing up an account of my most recent battle, along with a short summary of my part in our large multi-player battle.

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