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      Hi everyone,

      I’ve just finished off a fairly good sized Dark Elves force, and I’m looking to flex my muscles with a new Fantasy army. I’ve been looking through the web for inspiration on what to go with, and I’ve narrowed it down to two possibilities, Warriors of Chaos or Lizardmen?

      I was wondering if anyone had any particular advice or suggestions. I’m a painter first and foremost and I love models for both of the armies, but I can’t decide which way to swing. Financially isn’t a huge issue but overall, a Lizardmen army would be slightly more expensive. I do own a few figures for each though.

      Let me know your thoughts about this because I’m very much undecided.

      Thanks guys!

      PS- if anyone was interested in reading an army/painting blog as I go through collecting, sort of like a Tale of Four Gamers style article, let me know because it’d give me some more motivation and getting people’s feedback on the paintwork would help out.


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