Looking to learn Aos/Shadespire

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     Sam Mc 

      Hi all

      I’ve recently moved to the area and have been looking to get back into wargames.  I have been looking into Shadespire and Age of Sigmar as smaller skirmish games I could get back into, and was wondering if anyone would be keen on teaching a noob the rules with a demo.

      If so, please get in touch!



       Dan Wartnaby 

        Hey Sam, super sorry to have not responded sooner – took my eye off the forums!

        We have a few players who, casually, enjoy AoS and Shadespire.

        We also have a Whatsapp group for all things AoS too if you’d like to join.

        Do you own any of these games yet? Happy to demo, let me know.

         Sam Mc 

          Hi Dan, thanks for getting back to me.

          I have a few models for AoS but I’ve never actually played the game.

          I don’t have anything for Shadespire, but I have heard good things about it, so I wouldn’t mind picking up some models to paint and ultimately to play with.

          The Whatsapp group sounds like a good idea – I’ll send you a private message with my number and some other details so we can discuss when would be good for a demo. Thanks for offering to demo!

           Dan Wartnaby 

            Hiya Sam – i’ve not got your number yet, could you send it?

             Sam Mc 

              I’ve sent another private message to your inbox with my number – let me know if you receive anything.

               Dan Wartnaby 

                Received, will add you to the group.

                 Karl Lock 

                  Hey, picked up AOS 2.0 and also looking to find some fellow players. Only played a few games so still very green as mainly been painting up existing models. Have a fully painted Idoneth, small sylvaneth and the starter stormcast/nighthaunts.

                  If theres a WhatsApp group going be good to get an invite to hopefully arrange some games.




                   James Mitchell 

                    I am interested to start playing a few games of Age of Sigmar, I’ll probably play as wood elves (a variety of combat and shooting). Is there a Whatsapp group to join?

                     Dan Wartnaby 

                      Hey James, yes there’s a group for both games – i’ll invite you.

                      Both games are relatively healthy. Shadespire in particular is one of my favourite games, and sees play.

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