Looking to start playing Malifaux.

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      Hi Malifaux veterans. I used to play 40k and i still do but this games goes from bad to worse and tge rumours speak about sigmarisation of 40k…

      So i want to jump into Malifaux after April (still committed to go to a team tournament!!! Maybe the last 40k action i will have).
      I want to start the game because it seems highly competitive and i like this aspect.

      I saw the models of the gremlins. Obviously stunned, especially with the monster ladies as Trixibelle!!
      The question is: is the game balanced enough so if i start collecting / playing gremlins can i still be competitive?

      Is this faction a good choice?

      I will appreciate a face to face conversation about the game at a point. Probably alongside with a pint or a cup of tea.

      Thanks ,


        Hi Dimitrios

        Malifaux is pretty well balanced between factions and master, so no choice you make is going to be bad, just go for the models you like. Models in a faction can be hired by any master in the faction so you can easily switch between crew types as you look for a playstyle that suits you.

        Happy to give you another demo in April when you get 40K done with.



          Thats nice! Thanks Crish.


            Hi Crish. I was thinking to buy except the rulesbook, the starting set of the brewmaster plus the wiskey golem. I read their rules and i think they produce synergy eachother. Plus they are 50ss more or less. What do you think? Is it a god start?


              I think Brewy like to take Trixibelle from the Mah Tucket crew box. Not sure what else he oftens takes.

              It might be worth checking out the gremlin section of the Wyrd forum and also the pull my finger wiki, which is good for intro information.


                Yeah like Martin says he often rolls with Trixiebelle to make sure he goes first every turn.

                Pull My Finger is a good source of info on a master play style and it may be Brewie isn’t your style when you look (he plays a control and debuff style in a 6″ bubble around him). Here’s the page for him: https://pullmyfinger.wikispaces.com/M2E+The+Brewmaster

                What I usually say to people is buy the crew that has the models you like and go from there. Even if you decide to switch masters you can still use the models in the box.


                  Hi guys. I also fancy a neverborn a lot. I think its common enaugh so if you guya have neverborn models i would like a demo with them as i think they might be more reliable in a competitive game. If i start with neverborn then my first choice would be Lilith obvioudly or Pandora / Lynch as the next one. I also fancy the puppet master a lot. Is it safe to assume that the game in tournaments is played at 50ss? Is it safe to assume that ib tournaments you play with a faction and you hire your crew after the missionz? Is it safe to assume that Pandora, lynch, Lilith are a way to go? I also like the dreamer. Basically i like all the masters of neverborn. They are nice. My other concern is if it is a super standard choice this faction so it will be a “tacky” choice..
                  I really like victorias as well but i dont like the reat of outcasts.
                  I dont like at all guild and 10thunders…
                  And i am super nutral against arcanists.. modelwise and rulewise.

                  I like the resurrectionists playstyle with toughness but i am not sold with the models. Since i start a faction I will collect it as well. So i want to be sure i collect the correct one. When we speak face to face i want some qualitative advice. Not the standard ones i read in Internet. For exampla i know that “Lilith is a fast … bla bla … full of tricks bla bla..”
                  “Pandora is the mind freak… bla bla… “

                  I mean i want to spend some time through the masters of a specific faction you love and play and give me some nice introduction. I ve done my homework so i want to ask tough questions.

                  I understood that you dont play gremlins so maybe with neverborn you can do this for me. Just tell me when. I doesnt have to be on Wednesday since I know how valuable are the games for all of us. If you want we can go on weekend for a pint (on me obviously ) and have a chat. I want to get into the game and since i do i will play constantly, competitive, and i am loyal to the hobby. I am looking forward to meet you guys and have a proper drive through malifaux.

                  General info about me. Although i am a newbie, treat me as a novice because i am superb nerd and i absorb stuff like a sponge.

                  Thanks guys!


                    I’m not sure what you mean by tacky, there’s only 7 factions in the game so chances are you will be playing the same faction as other people anyway. If you’re interested a full breakdown of factions and masters at the recent tournament at Vappa can be found here: http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/108683-vapnartak-2016-february-7th-2016-york-uk/?do=findComment&comment=923515

                    The Pull My Finger wiki does a good job of covering every model in detail, it’s written by players for players so it’s a great source for covering the details on how each models plays. I’m not going to tell you any different from PMF about how Lilith plays, she is fast, she can hit hard when required, she can control the board with tricks and so on.

                    The Schems and Stones podcast, along with Before We Begin as also good sources for overviews of masters and factions.

                    I will say it again though: buy the models you like and worry about learning the game after. The games well balanced enough that no option will be a bad one if you want to play competitive.


                      I would say that Chris is spot on. I would also add that its going to take a good long while to get to grips with the game to start beating the really good players out there.
                      My advice would be just relax and enjoy the journey.
                      You’re welcome to come and sit with me and Graham andwatch and chat about the game tomorrow.


                        I’ll be down as well if you want to talk about Neverborn, though I’m not playing Malifaux this week.


                          Hey chaps. Thanks for the advice. I bought a cillodi box today. Puppet master. I did dome research so i liked the models and the whole manipulation theme of anti game. Wgat anout a game next week? I want to read the book first and be able to understand the game terminology. I think that i can have a 35ss out of the box. So not something fancy… xd


                            I’m doing a demo next week for Richard. You can play the other half of he demo though if you like?


                              Yes. I would like to do it. Is it ok to build a 35ss crew?


                                Btw Crish i was thinking to buy a carrion effigy and a coryphee box. Do yoi think it is a good idea to copliment collodi?

                                My main idea were the stinched together but no plastic models available.. and i am not fun of metal ones..
                                Do you know if they are gonna be published soon? I figured out that stinched with vasilisa have a great combo! Pullmyfinger says that coryphee is a must and a strong damage dealer.
                                Any thoughts about manequins?
                                Any other “puppet” options?


                                  Yep, Collodi can take an upgrade to summon any of the Effigies and he can hire puppets so they’re both useful.

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