Looking to start playing Malifaux.

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      I think I have something booked next week, but yeah, a newbie game wold be great some time very soon. I’m still learning the rules and depth of the game.


        I am in the same if not earlier level…. so it will be great. I know that Abbott started as well, and he is super cool guy. So we have even more newbies to play and learn!!!


          Hi guys.

          I had 2 games of malifaux recently and i am reading the book all the time.

          Some questions until now. If you can help me it will be great.

          The questions are refering to Dreamer’s abilities.

          1. When dreamer summons LCB he tales the buried condition.
          Wwhen he has the buried condition you remove the model from play or mark the model as buried?

          2. When LCB dies or uses his 0 action he unburries the buried dreamer.
          Does this mean that the dreamer in unburied at the spot he was before or next to LCB?

          3. If LCB dies can the dreamer summon him again?

          4. When you sucrifise LCB and resummon him does he comes back as new? (7/10 wounds and no conditions? )


            1- Buried isn’t a condition. Bury means he’s removed from the table, as per the rulebook.
            2- in base contact both Chompy before he’s removed as per the Dreamt ability on Chompy’s card


              Hi again guys. I have a lot of stuff for dreamer. I want to expand my collection. I like the rules of some specific models as doppelganger.


              Pandora can use a lot of dreamers models. Like teddy and insidious madness. Is it a good idea to buy pandora or she does well at the same schemes that dreamer does?

              Lest say i buy pandora. What other models i need except teddy, doppelganger and puke snake?


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