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      Hi guys. I want some terrain advice. I started building a malifaux table. So i want to make a wild west town center. I have ordered the buildings. I will paint them. They are all mdf. My question is:
      Do you think its a good idea to glue the buildings and whatevrr else on a mdf sheet 3×3 so i can model the whole terrain or..
      Just buy a playmat with marked the malifaux deployment zones?


        Vote for playmat.

        So you have options….


          I think you can create a more complex board if you model everything fixed on it, but it’s a lot harder to transport. Loose terrain means you can always move it around for different games (and a mat is ultimately less work overall).

          Personally I prefer the look of a fully modeled, fixed terrain board, but they are often not as playable even though they look cool!

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