Monthly Newsletter – June 2017

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     Lee Mayhew 

    Yes I know it’s early but it has pre-election stuff and also “exciting” news for the Shoulder Pad brigade.


    June newsletter

     Carl Newbould 

    Wow 20 pages! I did wonder if Rune Wars would get played by one of our club.

    40k news looks good, Harlequins for me and Primaris marines of course when the set comes out! Also really pumped for the KoW stuff this year.

    A group of us are already talking about starting a Kings of War campaign group to go with Mantic’s summer event. It will be open to new players allowing for smaller games and/or allied games. So if you have a fantasy army (or want to get one) then now is as good a time as any to jump in and give it a go, free rules here

    Watch the forum as more news will follow as the campaign gets closer.

    PS. Conservatives can’t possibly be Ultramarines surely they are Night Lords…

    PPS particularly great newsletter this month, I like the review at the end, bravo Ryan.

     Tom C 

    Great work Lee, what an epic. I’m ignoring Ryan’s references to Star Wars Attack Wing!

    In other news I have a shiny new Y wing for you from Birmingham.

     Lee Mayhew 

    Thanks to my personal shopper!

    It’s not true what those kids wrote abut you on the toilet wall 🙂


    I’ll pop onto wiki and see what goodies I can include in my list for this week.

     John Baldock 

      Really interesting read, nice one! 🙂

       Lee Mayhew 

      Cheers guys, padded out by the GW releases for 40K plus the other game.

      I’ll give my impressions of X-Wing soon, provided I can win another game.

      Stupid shaped dice!


        Can’t believe I’ve only just stumbled on the newsletter.

        The best newsletter yet, brilliant job Lee.

        And a nice write up from Ryan too, (though I did notice the standard of his painting has deteriorated dramatically since leaving us, he used to be good!)


          I thought my Daqan guys look pretty good to me 🙁


            The Daqan are up to your usual high standard.

            I know you still read this forum now and then, so I just love trolling you.

            Anyway, quit wasting your time on forums and arrange a visit to Garrison.

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